New World: How to Defeat Overseer Zane

Gamers who stumble to defeat Overseer Zane in New World may follow the direction on how to proceed in this brief guide. New World contains a myriad of bosses. Overseer Zane happens to be one of them that players would be instructed to defeat.

Players around the Aeternum shall congregate at Ebonrock Cavern and defeat the NPC. Indeed, some players find it a tedious task to deal with the relevant foe. For those of us who feel the same, this article is here to provide a strategy to defeat Overseer Zane.

How to Defeat Overseer Zane

To defeat this NPC, you first need to locate him. Luckily, this would be easy for you since this NPC can always be found in Ebonrock Cavern. As you journey through the north of Shadowmine, in the northeast of Everfall, you may enter the Ebonrock Cavern. If you follow your marker into the cave, you won’t face any difficulty in finding Zane’s spawn point.

New World: How to Defeat Overseer Zane
Ebonrock Cavern

The moment you enter Ebonrock Cavern, you should make your way as far as you can. You will probably find other players gathered in the area trying to slain Zane. As soon as the boss appears, all of you will try to bring him down, so it is a great chance to team up with them.

You can quickly get credit for defeating the foe when you form a party in New World. This is possible because all members in the group will complete the quest even though only one member deals the required damage. This is how you can defeat Overseer Zane in New World.

Things to Note

On a side note, there are some important points that you should note to defeat Overseer Zane. You need to deal a certain amount of damage to the foe. This implies that simply that hitting Overseer Zane once or twice will not be enough to make progress.

New World: How to Defeat Overseer Zane
New World

Another thing to note here is Zane’s respawn time, which is about 6-7 minutes. During that time, the people who got the kill will leave, and many new players will arrive.

Using this strategy should help with the situation, but it won’t fix things altogether. Overseer Zane’s respawn time combined with many players would require an insane amount of patience. Perhaps the developer will address this issue and decrease the spawn time. Now, the best option for you is to try and team up with players and give the rest to fate.

About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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