Complete Radio Libertad Mission Guide in Far Cry 6

As you are in the middle of the island of Yara, plotting a revolt fight against Castillo’s rule for the sake of your safety. Far Cry 6 has a large cast of individuals that you will need to interact with to liberate the island and stop the production of Viviro. Although, Bicho, one of these individuals, has a Far Cry 6 quest named “Radio Libertad” in which he intends to preach to the people to fight back against Castillo.

Bicho’s goal is to overwhelm the propaganda radio broadcast with his message to educate the public of Yara about what’s going on.

Unfortunately, the present radio signal is too weak. Therefore he needs you to take over the link to three distant radio towers. Here are the locations of all the radio towers for Far Cry 6 gamers that want to finish this challenge swiftly.

Where to Find Bicho in Far Cry 6?

El Ranco Bicho is located in Valle De Oro, precisely near Noventarmas, just above El Tronco Waterfall. There should be a blue house with purple graffiti and lights dangling from the ceiling. Now, enter the office by the back door, which is around the side.

Where to Find Bicho in Far Cry 6?
Radio Libertad Operation

After interacting with Bicho, you’ll need to find radio towers and fix the issue.

Restore Towers

Radio Tower 1

Complete Radio Libertad Mission Guide in Far Cry 6
Tower 1

The nearest tower is at the Southwest of Bicho on top of a hill near El Tronco Waterfall. Then, you need to knock out the outer security guards, enter the double doors and turn on the antenna by pulling down the huge switch directly in front of you.

Radio Tower 2

The next tower in Noventarmas is located to the west of the previous one, in the apartment building near the El Tronco Waterfall. As soon as you see the apartment building, climb the dirt hill on the side of it. Moreover, you’ll see a blue metal door placed against a wall. Climb the construction site from the inside.

Complete Radio Libertad Mission Guide in Far Cry 6
Tower 2

Swing along the side of the building with the grapple hook and keep jumping across the platforms until you find an old elevator. Now, you’ll have to climb up the flowers to get to the ceiling. In one of the rooms, you’ll see a blue metal gate with a water heater inside. A metal lock for the adjacent door is located across from it. Now, you can open the door by shooting it with any of the weapons in Far Cry 6.

After that, you need to climb to the top of the roof, drop to the left side, and activate the switch. It won’t work without power at first. So return to the now-unlocked entrance to restore the building’s power, and the radio tower will be operational once more.

Radio Tower 3

Complete Radio Libertad Mission Guide in Far Cry 6
Tower 3

The last Radio Tower can be found in Noventarmas’ southwest corner, specifically in the encampment above the Claro River. Climb the beams with the blue towel wrapped over them and grab the hanging metal portion at the top with the grapple hook. Continue jumping up to the very top of the tower until you reach the switch.

Note: Beware of Eagles! They’ll reach you harm so, hunt them too.

Disable Propaganda Transmitter

Disable Propaganda Transmitter
Propaganda Transmitter

After restoring all 3 towers, head to Hideout Danzon to disable to propaganda transmitter. First, you need to evade all enemies around the transmitter and get to the transmitter to disable it.

Shut Down Surge Protector

Shut Down Surge Protector
Surge Protector

After that, you’ll see that controls are at the top of the transmitter dome to shut down the surge protector then, head towards it. On your way, you’ll have to kill Maria also to reach the top of the tower safely.

Finally, you have completed the Radio Libertad mission in Far Cry 6 and now it’s Bicho’s showtime.

About Far Cry 6

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Published by Toronto, Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game. The plot is set up on Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. You play as Dani Rojas, the protagonist and a guerilla fighter, to take down the dictator Antón Castillo and his son Diego.

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