Vincent Waltz Dying Light 2: How to beat final boss

Waltz is the main antagonist in Dying Light 2 who stands in the path of completing the main plot. Waltz appears many times throughout the game. Eventually, those encounters will result in a huge boss battle in which you must defeat him once and for all. Slaying Waltz marks the conclusion of the main plot. The fight is divided into 4 parts and is essentially massive combat between the two protagonists. Timing and patience will be key in beating him.

Here, we’ll tell you how to defeat Waltz in Dying Light 2 and provide you a plan for the boss fight.

Who is Vincent Waltz in Dying Light 2?

Vincent Waltz, sometimes known as Waltz, is the main antagonist in Dying Light 2 Stay Human. Dr. Waltz was a scientist with the Global Relief Effort. He then married an unnamed woman and had a daughter named Mia. Waltz tested THV on children in the hopes of developing a perfect bioweapon that allowed a host to join with the virus without killing or converting the host, as well as a vaccination to combat a mutated variant of the virus.

Who is Vincent Waltz in Dying Light 2?
Vincent Waltz in Dying Light 2

After the Fall, Waltz forms an alliance with Colonel Williams, the Renegades’ commander, and establishes his primary base in a GRE laboratory, where he begins experimenting with the THV on other Renegades and eventually himself.

How to defeat Waltz in Dying Light 2?

Aiden will be searching for his sister Mia, and he will meet Waltz along the way. 

Waltz will try to stop you from rescuing Mia, therefore you must deal with him first before continue with the rescue. Then you must defeat Waltz in order to get him out of your path. The fight is divided into four stages; here’s how you put an end to Waltz.

Phase I:

The first part begins with Waltz throwing you onto a platform. He will launch wild attacks at you, but they are avoidable. When he lights up and leaps into the air, dodge backward to evade his ground pound shockwave ability.

How to quickly beat Waltz in Dying Light 2
Hit Waltz

When you dodge, Waltz’s guard falls, allowing you to attack. Hit him as many times as it takes to reduce his health. When a cut-scene appears, you’ll know you’ve finished the task.

Phase II:

Waltz’s tactics will shift in the second level, forcing you to reconsider your methods.

How to quickly beat Waltz in Dying Light 2
Keep Attacking Waltz

This time, Waltz will use the fog around the fighting ring as cover. He’ll sprint about in the smoke, attacking in unpredictable ways. Isn’t it terrifying? Don’t be scared! We’ve got your back.

All you need to do at this point is set up in the center of the arena and focus. You’ll gradually notice Waltz’s appearances and anticipate them. When this happens, he’s finished. All that remains is for you to assault him while avoiding being struck.

Phase III:

When Waltz’s energy level drops, a few cutscenes appear, and you will be in the third stage of the boss fight.

Waltz, who is exhausted and out of shape, will inject himself and reawaken his wrath. So, things are becoming serious. To have a better chance against him, we recommend taking UV Mushrooms or an Immunity Booster.

Waltz will hop around the platforms at the start of Stage 3. So you’ll have to follow him around. Then, when his energy runs short, he’ll jump higher up on the platforms, so keep an eye out for him.

Moreover, Waltz will be wreaking chaos this time around. As a result, you’ll see him approaching. This makes it simple to avoid being struck. Avoid strikes as much as possible and attack anytime you notice an opening. He’ll also throw some surrounding objects at you. So proceed cautiously.

Phase IV:

Now is the last stage of the fight, you’ll be more cautious because things are getting rough.

At the start of this battle, Aiden will transform into his monster form. Now, you are in a monster form, therefore you aren’t required to run. You may leap a considerable distance just by holding down the jump.

How to quickly beat Waltz in Dying Light 2
Keep Attacking while you are in Monster Form

Waltz will revert to the ground and look to be fleeing for his life, but he will not be stopped. After you’ve found him, attack him. Because you’ll be in monster form, a few hits will be enough to terminate this encounter. Keep attacking Waltz until he’s dead and you’ve defeated him.

Finally, you’ve defeated the final boss Waltz in Dying Light 2 and completed the main storyline.

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