How to Prepare for the Google Coding Competition 2022

Participating in coding challenges might help you become a better developer and achieve your dream job. Tech powerhouse Google holds coding challenges like Google Coding Competition( Code Jam, Hash Code, Kick start)  on a periodic basis, inviting developers from all around the world to compete for awards and cash prizes. Based on your performance and ability to solve coding problems google may call you for an interview. As a result, being ready for the coding competition is crucial. In this article we will discuss how to prepare for the Google Coding Competition.

How to Prepare for Google Coding Challenges

To get prepared for the challenge, you need to follow the following steps:

1. Get familiar with the data structures and algorithms

Learning data structures and algorithms improves not only problem-solving skills but also critical thinking. There are various resources available for learning the data structures and algorithms. Starting with data structures, here is the list of some data structures: arrays, vectors, strings, stack , queue, linkedlist, graph, trees, heap, tries. And then the algorithms: sorting, searching, greedy, dynamic programming, backtracking, recursion, divide-n-conquer.

Here is a list of some valuable resources available:

2. Join the community of programmers and find good mentors

To be a good programmer, you need to be part of the communities of great coders. In those communities, various valuable stuffs are shared by various coders, and there is always someone out there to clear your doubts. Clarification and proper guidance are the boosters in the development phase.

3. Start Practicing the Code from an Easy to an Advanced Level Gradually

Without practicing, you can’t master anything. For practicing, there are various platforms out there where anyone can test their implementation over some of the predefined sets of constraints and complexity. There are plenty of questions with different levels of complexity available. There is a discussion panel where everyone clear their doubts and checks out other programmers’ implementations as well.

Here is a list of some exciting platforms:

  • Hackerrank
  • Hackerearth
  • Codechef
  • Leetcode
  • Top coder

4. Make a habit of reading the implementations of other programmers

Reading blogs always strengthens the concepts. But reading code is different from reading blogs, and it is a bit difficult to understand another’s implementation. It is recommended to see other approaches that are memory and time efficient. Reading code helps to find patterns and develop navigation skills. Initially, you will find it boring and difficult, but with time you will develop a good code sense, which will alert you when you make a mistake and help you spot others’ mistakes, gaps, and code smell.

5. Start writing code every day

Good programmers always have the habit of coding daily and having challenges. It is recommended to make the habit of solving at least 2-3 problems daily and participating in at least 1 contest on a weekly basis. 

6. Share the knowledge with others

Sharing knowledge is the best way to strengthen the concept. Become a part of the community of great coders where you can share your knowledge. Always post your knowledge whenever you learn something new. This is another form of activity that helps you revise knowledge. By sharing knowledge and participating in Stack Overflow and answering others’ queries, commenting on blogs, and forums is a good way to revise knowledge and at the same time correct your misconceptions too.

7. Practice all the previous year’s questions and carefully watch the top implementations

Google coding competition is bit different from other competitions. While implementing the solution, there are a lot of factors that need to be considered, like time complexity, space complexity, and submission time, as despite your successful submissions, your submission time also matters. So to get familiar with all that stuff, it is recommended to practice the previous year’s questions under the same constraints and don’t forget to review the top submissions after yours, as it will really help you to understand other approaches and thinking.

Hopefully, our advice on how to prepare for the Google Coding Competition was useful to you. If you have any further questions, please leave them in the comments area below.

Happy Coding!

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