Praises in Elden Ring – What are Praising and Appraisals?

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game which released on the 25th of February, 2022. It is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is a survival game in which you have to defeat n number of bosses to continue your survival. Elden Ring’s world can be extremely dangerous because of its mysterious nature. By mysterious, I mean you will never know what lurks ahead. In such a scenario, messages left by players are something that will be extremely helpful to us. And this is where the terms ‘Praises’ and ‘Appraisals’ come into the picture. What are Praises in Elden Ring? What Role does Appraisal play in Elden Ring? Let’s find answers for all these –

What are Praises in Elden Ring?

Praises in Elden Ring

Not all the messages left by the players are genuine; Genuine messages will assist you in locating an enemy or rare item ahead. Whereas, few messages can be silly and can even misguide. It is never wrong to thank or compliment someone who genuinely helps us. So, the compliments which you leave to someone who has been a helping hand in saving your character’s life or helping you find a mythic item. This thing of giving compliments is ‘Praise’. Let’s now check out how to Praise someone in Elden Ring –

Whenever you wish to praise another player for leaving a helpful message, All you have to do to thank another player for leaving a helpful message is approach the glowing rocks and interact with them. Then you can find button prompts on the actual message left by the player. The button prompts questions us about whether the message was Good or Bad. If it was helpful, select Good; else Bad.

How to select the button prompts –

  • PlayStation users should use the Trackpad to rate it as Good, and the Options Button to rate it as Poor.
  • Xbox One users should press the View Button to rate it as Good, and the Menu Button to rate it as Poor.
  • PC players: To rate it as Good, press the G Button, and to rate it as Poor, press the ESC Button.

What are Appraisals in Elden Ring and what is its role?

Appraisals in Elden Ring

In a general sense, appraisal means complimenting or rewarding someone for the good they have done. The same applies in Elden Ring too; The thing about choosing the button prompt indicating ‘Good’ is the appraisal.

If you rate it “good,” the message creator will receive a free Flask of Crimson Tears health. The Flask of Crimson Tears, as you know, is a consumable; Flask of Crimson Tears grants various effects such as restorative properties like restoring HP, removing certain negative status effects, or even applying temporary buffs and debuffs. So, if your message receives a lot of praise, you won’t have to worry about replenishing it on your own.

 Players will also be able to see how many appraisals have been given to a specific message. This means you could either post a helpful note or a troll message to make players laugh. I mean be someone’s helping hand or at least their stress buster.

This is all about messages, praising, and appraisals in Elden Ring. We will be back with much more content about various games such as Elden Ring, Horizon Forbidden West, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, and many more. Until then

Happy Gaming!

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