How to get Whetstone in V Rising

In any game, there are few valuables which we have to collect for our good or usage. In a battle royale or survival game, these would be something like painkillers, first aid kits etc. And when it comes to V Rising there are a few things or items which we will be collecting to build some of the key facilities in our base. One such item is Whetstone in V Rising. What is Whetstone in V Rising? What are the ways in which one can obtain Whetstone in V Rising? Where can one find the Whetstone? Let’s find out answers to the above questions –

1. What is Whetstone in V Rising?

Whetstone is one of the most valuable resources you need to find in V Rising for crafting in-game. The basic need of Whetstone is to build some of the key facilities on your base. These key facilities include a grinder to cut some stones into bricks and a few more. Being a Vampire survival and crafting game, finding Whetstone in V Rising is never an easy task.

2. Ways to Obtain Whetstone in V Rising

There are two (2) ways in which you can lay your hands on Whetstone. The two ways are –

  • Finding the Whetstone in the five Bandit Camps in Farbane Woods.
  • Crafting the Whetstone

I. Where Can You Find the Whetstone?

Whetstone in V Rising - Ways to Obtain It
Bandit Camp Location in V Rising

Not all the Bandit Camps have Whetstone; it’s just five (5) of them that contain Whetstone. Once you reach the Bandit Camps, open the map and hover your mouse cursor over the top of the camp ahead of you. This brings up a list of loot that you can plunder, so if that list has whetstone, you are guaranteed to find at least one.

Once you see whetstone on the list, check every corner of the camp. Every corner includes – the corpses of slain bandits, chests, and even barrels or crates. Once you have covered every corner of the camp, you head to the next camp. If you return to the same camp after some time, all the things will respawn. So, technically, you can farm these locations until you have a pile of Whetstones.

II. How to Craft Whetstone?

To craft anything, you need its recipe. To get the recipe, you need to defeat Grayson Thea Armourer. He is a level 27 boss you can find in Farbane Woods. He doesn’t have a fixed location as it changes between V Rising servers, so we recommend that you raise your gear score to around level 27, then use a Blood Altar at your base to track him down. Follow the blood trail that appears on-screen until you find him.

Whetstone in V Rising - Ways to Obtain It
Click on Track Blood to Track Grayson Thea Armourer

To beat him, you can use the four suits of armour that rest on pedestals around the arena. These grant you temporary invincibility so you can walk through the caltrops, he scatters without taking any damage. Doing this should give you more room to dodge his other attacks, but use the armour sparingly as there are only four suits around you. When Grayson gets down to two-thirds of his maximum health, regular bandit enemies will leap into the arena to help him. If you’re doing the fight during the daytime then half of the arena is shrouded in darkness, so you’ll have a bit less space to work with.

Eventually, he will fall in battle, leaving him helpless for you to extract his V Blood and unlock the whetstone recipe at the furnace.

III. The Items Which You Will Need to Craft Whetstone in V Rising

  • 1 Copper ingot: Mine the orange copper rocks. You will find a lot of copper ore in them. You need 60 copper ore and 480 stones to get one copper ingot
  • 12 Stone dust: Stone dust is obtained as a by-product of making stone bricks with 12 raw stones

These are two ways in which you get obtain Whetstone in V Rising.

3. About V Rising

A Vampire survival game; in which you should be hunting down animals, humanoid enemies, and human enemies to feed on their blood and continue your survival. The game is available on the console too. The initial release date of V Rising is 17th May 2022.

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