How to Craft Hot Tub in Valheim

In a recent update of Valheim Hearth & Home developers added a new item called Hot Tub. Players are so excited for this new furniture to try. As you all know Hot Tub means you just need to go and relax there solo or with your friend Vikings in Valheim. One of the most asked questions is How to Make and Use the Hot Tub in Valheim. In this short guide, you can easily get to know the materials and how you can make the Hot Tub easily without any difficulty in Valheim and enjoy the Hot Tub with your friends. 

1. Materials Required to Make Hot Tub

There are a total of 4 items you need to collect in order to make the Hot Tub. Here they are:

  • 6 Tar
  • 8 Stone
  • 10 Iron 
  • 20 Wood

I. How to Find Tar in Valheim?

There is a new enemy in Valheim called Growths. Killing them will provide you with Tar. Try to dodge their Poisonous attack. We suggest you use Bows and Arrows to fight with them. You can also find the Tar in Plain Biome from one of the Tar pits. 

How to Craft Hot Tub in Valheim
Tar in Valheim

II. How to Find Stone and Wood in Valheim?

You can find the Stone and Wood all around you. You just need the Pickaxe to obtain these items very easily all around the map. 

III. How to Find Iron in Valheim?

You can find the Iron in Swamp Crypts. Go to the Swamp Crypts and look for dirty piles. Destroy the dirty piles to find Dirty Iron Chunks. Bring Dirty Iron Chunks to your home and forge them into Iron.

2. How to Make Hot Tub in Valheim

Once you collect all the material then look for an open place to set up your Hot Tub. Go to the place where you want to set the Hot Tub and right-click on your Hammer this will open yourbuild menu. Then go to the Furniture section there you will find the Hot Tub in craftable furniture, left-click on it and You Hot Tub will start constructing. 

Once it finishes constructing, you need to put the woods on the backside of the Hot Tub. Burn the woods in it and once you can see the steam rising in the Tub just hop into it and relax. 

How to Craft Hot Tub in Valheim
Hot Tub in Valheim

3. About Valheim

Valheim is a survival and sandbox video game developed by Iron Gate Studio and published by Coffee Stain Studios. A brutal exploration and survival game for 1-10 players, set in a randomly generated purgatory influenced by Viking culture.

The Valkyries have carried your spirit to Valheim, the tenth Norse planet, as a battle-slain warrior. The quest will not be simple since otherworldly beings will threaten you at every turn. Battle, build, and conquer your way to a saga worthy of Odin’s patronage!Players must please Odin and show their value to the allfather in order to reach paradise. 

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