How to Level Logging in New World

It is important to level logging In the New World as it is one of the most significant Gathering Skills. It produces resources for Weaponsmithing, Engineering, and Furnishing. It’s been nearly a month since Amazon Games’ brand new MMORPG, New World, was released. For the first few weeks, like with every MMO launch, enthusiasm was at an all-time high. Players fanned out throughout the island of Aeternum, battling, exploring, and gathering supplies. New World has a strong emphasis on crafting mechanics. Players are encouraged to acquire materials at all times when questing.

1. What is Logging in New World?

Gathering, Refining, and Crafting are three of the 17 Trade Skills available in New World. Logging is one of the most useful Gathering Skills. Woodcutting – or chopping trees with an axe – is referred to as logging in the New World. It supplies the raw ingredients for hundreds of crafting processes. 

If you’re building your weapons or putting up camps, it’s one of the most significant talents in the game. It is one of the simplest skills to level up, but it takes longer than other skills, so be prepared to put in the effort. To begin logging, all players need is a Logging Axe and a plentiful supply of trees. To efficiently level up the logging skill demands a little more consideration in New World.

New World Chopping Down Tree

2. How to Level Logging in New World?

To acquire Logging XP, players must utilise the talent, just like the rest of the Gathering Skills in New World. This entails venturing into the wilds of Aeternum in search of trees to fell. To accomplish so, players will require a Logging Axe, which they can find in five distinct tiers ranging from Flint to Orichalcum. Players will be able to gather wood more rapidly with a stronger Logging Axe, and with the Logger’s Luck Perk, they will have a greater chance of obtaining rare resources.

Players will be able to pick rarer trees as their Logging Skills improve in New World. Young Trees and Mature Trees, however, are the most frequent varieties and one can find them practically anywhere on the island of Aeternum. These will get players through the early levels of Logging, yielding Green and Mature Wood, respectively.

3. How to Farm Logging in New World?

Players may discover that farming Logging XP in New World is more of a grind than most other Trade Skills.  Logging Skill assists players in locating uncommon trees that provide more materials. Levelling remains a matter of quantity over quality. Using a higher-tier Logging Axe, as well as the Lumberjack’s Discipline Perk, which offers extra XP for each tree chopped, will speed up the process. Players should also employ food buffs to boost their Luck, as well as Proficiency Boosters to boost yields.

It is best to farm Ironwood and Wyrdwood in specific regions. One can find Young and mature trees practically anywhere. The map above depicts the locations where these uncommon trees can be farmed on Aeternum, with Ironwood in red and Wyrdwood in blue. You may find Ironwood groves and Angry Earth Wolves may in the purple zone of the Shattered Mountain. You can slain and log them for Wyrmwood. These trees should be the only focus of anyone wishing to swiftly max out their Logging Skill.

4. Constitution and Logging

One of the two attributes that gives you boosts for gathering skills, along with Strength, is Constitution. With 300 Constitution points, you have a 25% chance of chopping down a tree in one stroke. You could respec to pure Consitution for levelling Logging if you don’t mind investing some Azoth.

It’s a good idea to start chopping a tree when you have 300 Constitution, leap after each swing, and repeat. You’ll constantly try to proc the 25% chance of chopping down the tree in one hit if you do it this way. It speeds up the levelling procedure for logging.

Logging in New World

5. Perks of Level Logging in New World

You’ll be able to equip better and better logging axes as you level up your character. Each each rank increases your harvesting pace, allowing you to chop down more trees in less time.

  • Flint Logging Axe – Level 1
  • Iron Logging Axe – Level 5
  • Steel Logging Axe – Level 20
  • Starmetal Logging Axe – Level 40
  • Orichalcum Loggin Axe – Level 60

The best perks to look for on Logging axes in New World are:

  • Lumberjack’s Discipline – Increase your logging experience by 3-9.4%.
  • Azoth Extraction — After completing the gathering, you have a 30-48 percent chance of receiving 1 Azoth.
  • Logging Luck — There’s a 2-9.3% chance of finding uncommon things while logging.

These are the top three perks for your Logging Axe, with Lumberjack’s Discipline being the most essential. This perk helps you to level your talent faster, which is the whole point of this guide. Then, to offset the price of speedy transit back and forth, try to obtain Azoth Extraction.

Finally, you can use Logging Luck to increase your chances of obtaining uncommon raw materials. Find the best axe you can for your level at the trade post. If your engineering talents are up to pace, you can create one for yourself at a Workshop.

6. Food to Enhance Logging Luck

You can only eat one particular food when levelling your Logging skill. It is the Roasted Cabbage that is made with 1 Cabbage, 1 Cooking Oil and 1 Dil. It Increases your Luck when logging by 1,000 points for 20 minutes. While you’re experiencing these side effects, your health gradually improves. Eating roasted cabbage increases your chances of finding rare resources such as tree sap.

7. About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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