How to Beat Sturm in Resident Evil Village?

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After executing Salvatore Moreau and Urias, you progress further into the game to take down other bosses. Moving forwards, now you’ll face Sturm, a zombie-like machine with a propeller connected to its body. Sturm appears to a total of three times at Heisenberg’s factory. So, here’s the guide to help you to where & how to kill Sturm in Resident Evil Village.

1. The Scene

Sturm is a mini-boss in the Resident Evil Village, who is one of the experiments of Heisenberg. He is the zombie-like machine carrying an aircraft engine in place of the torso. 

After picking up Heisenberg’s Key, you will be able to access a pathway leading up to Cargo Bay. Sturm lays here waiting for you. 

How to Defeat Sturm?
Sturm’s First Appearance

He appears three times at Heisenberg’s factory. Initially, he appears at the chase scene after Ethan is getting kicked out by Karl Heisenberg. Then, again he appears at the chase scene before you reach B3. At last, you’ll see him before the fight with Heisenberg, and here you have to take down this Zombie-Machine, Sturm. 

2. Recommended Weapons

  • V61 Custom 
  • SYG-12
  • Mines

3. How to Kill Sturm? 

You have your first interaction with Sturm at the area filled with narrow and winding hallways, where the walls are destructible. Sturm is mighty in close-range battle, so try to maintain distance from him. Place the mines which you found within the boss battle area and lure Sturm to that way to give severe damage. 

Allow Sturm to clear the walls before you can maneuver in by avoiding his attacks. Widening the area helps you to dodge his attacks easily. 

Sturm will come charging himself towards you to kill you with his firebombs and blades. So, you should dodge these attacks and take the support of the unbreakable wall, aim towards its weak point, i.e., his back with your shotgun or rifle. Placing mines will also help you in slower down Sturm.

Now, he’s getting pissed off and attaining a new fire-breathing attack in the process. You have to dodge this attack and inflict some damage that weakens his back. Otherwise, he’ll throw you to hell. 

How to Defeat Sturm?
Attacking Sturm’s Back

Sufficient damage will cause the Sturm to overheat, and a continuous attack to its back helps you beat this mini-boss

4. Conclusion

To defeat Sturm, you have to maintain the distance from the boss. Dodging his powerful firing attacks and dealing enough damage to his back helps you in taking down the enemy. You will get a complex Mechanical Heart from the ashes of Sturm as a reward. Now, move ahead to execute the Main boss, Karl Heisenberg

We hope that you must by now know how to kill Sturm. Keep progressing ahead and meet new bosses, as we are bringing helpful guides for you on how to execute them.

5. About Resident Evil Village

The latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom launched Resident Evil Village on 8 May 2021. A survival horror game powered by RE Engine sets the scene after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The story revolves around the protagonist Ethan who goes against all evil odds to get back his kidnapped daughter. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

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