How To Kill Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village

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Boss fights are always gruesome and are something to be watched out for, and the boss fights in the latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise are sure no exception. With the launch of Resident Evil: Village, Capcom managed to muster game enthusiast’s high reviews and ratings. The village consists of many (like really a lot) Boss fights to engage in, with each new one popping now and then. Every fight is tough to deal with and can be cumbersome to win over.

So, we here at Team Widgetcore present you with a series of guides on how you can defeat every boss as you progress in the game. Starting with the first boss, Lady Dimitrescu.

Here we are going to discuss how to kill Lady Dimitrescu in this battle of attrition. So Let’s talk about it.

Weapons Best Suited 

  • Pistol or Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle
  • First Aid Kit 

How to Kill Lady Dimitrescu?

Lady Alcina Dimitrescu was the matriarch of the Dimitrescu family and a mutated human countess. She inherited Castle Dimitrescu, a fortress controlled by the family since its Medieval creation while living in an Eastern European country. She appears to be a formidable opponent, but if you take advantage of any opportunity to shoot her with all the ammo you got, this battle will be a breeze.

Phase 1

Here you have the first interaction with Lady D on the staircase of castle ramparts, and her actual appearance is a Four-winged monster with sharp & deadly teeth. 

How To Kill Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu | Source: Fandom

After the face to face interaction, you want to shoot that horrible mouth, but you’ll want to look beyond the endless rows of teeth to the human-shaped thing emerging from its back. Lady D has a weakness, i.e., her human-shaped body. 

Shoot on her human-shaped body immediately before Lady D gets to recover and begins the next phase. Fire some shots on her until she screeches and flies away. Let’s move ahead to the roof and collect all the ammo from the barrels on your way. 

Phase 2

This section of the fighting takes place in close quarters. Now, try to escape from Lady Dimitrescu, who’s chasing you around the tower. She is pretty slower than you, but she will catch you in a short time.

Note: Don’t stand for too long otherwise, she’ll bust you and send you to hell.

Run faster without taking any halt and throw whatever you have into her to gives her damage. Also, reserve some ammo for your shotgun and rifle. If you give enough damage to her human torso and she might stumble, then try to attack you from close range, don’t miss the chance & shoot her with your shot-gun. She’ll also only go into a brief stun, which is usually long enough for her to get at least one or two bullets into her brain. 

Now, pay attention from here; she’ll take a flight if she stops in mid-air and starts hovering. Then, take advantage and start shooting on her head with your rifle. Give her enough damage in this state, and she’ll crash to the ground and expose herself to some superficial injury.

If she is retaking flight, then it must be she’s boosting up her powerful dive bomb attack. Pay attention and focus on where she’s coming from. Dimitrescu will corner Ethan atop a tall spire once enough harm has been dealt. It will be easy for you to complete this stage once you’ve mastered the attack cues and timings.

How To Kill Lady Dimitrescu
Lady Dimitrescu’s ‘Gargoyle’ form | Source: Fandom

Phase 3

It is the phase where you get the chance to defeat Lady D. 

She is flying around the tower and rebuking you from afar. Moreover, you can smash everything in the room as a protest and get all of the free shotgun ammunition. She’ll be coming back on the ground shortly and break through the stone & swoop down in front of you. Now, you aim to give her damage as quickly as possible before she attacks you. Keep your trigger finger busy and use all your ammo to take her down.

Congratulations! Now, she is defeated, progress further in the game to encounter more bosses, for which we’ve got your back. We also hope that you must learn “how to kill Lady Dimitrescu”Stay put as we pin down how to defeat the next boss! Meet you in the next one; until then, Happy Gaming!

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The latest 8th addition to the Resident Evil franchise, Capcom launched Resident Evil Village on 8 May 2021. A survival horror game powered by RE Engine sets the scene after the horrifying events of Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. The story revolves around the protagonist Ethan who goes against all evil odds to get back his kidnapped daughter. The game is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia and PC.

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