How to save the Hackett Family in The Quarry

The Quarry is a newly launched survival horror game where the player takes control of nine separate teens who must survive a night at Hackett’s Quarry. Moreover, you must make decisions that affect character development, storyline, and interactions between characters. The Quarry has around 200 endings depending on who is kept alive, thus finding the ending where everyone survives might be difficult. The Hacketts are not the important characters in The Quarry, but they play an important role in the events that unfold.

There’s no reason not to let them die in the end, although some players may wish to complete a clean playthrough without any carnage, which is doable. However, Most of you have obviously wanted to get rid of them. But, a few sick and twisted individuals have sacrificed others to see what happens if the Hackett family survives the night.

How to let the Hacketts survive in The Quarry

It is not suggested to keep the family alive because the achievements/trophies for keeping everyone safe or letting everyone die only involve advisers. Still, you may be wondering what the branching plot will look like if the Hacketts are kept alive. Here’s how to go about it. It should be noted that it necessitates the killing of several councilors and that there are spoilers ahead.

I. Kaylee

Kaylee is an exception when it comes to keeping the family alive. Her fate was decided before the game ever began. No matter what pathways she takes, Laura will always shoot her off-screen.

As a crucial plot detail, she will be dead before the conclusion of Chapter 5. However, if the rest of her family survives, her death may have been for the greater good.

II. Constance

How to let the Hacketts survive in The Quarry
Laura & Constance Hackett

In Chapter 9, there is a critical opportunity to save Constance. She’ll try to seize Laura’s gun when you leave the basement. If you succeed, you will unintentionally blast off part of his skull. She will be saved if you purposefully miss this rapid time event.

III. Jedidiah

How to let the Hacketts survive in The Quarry

Laura will battle Jedidiah later in Chapter 9 when she begins spinning (Constance also appears in the room if she is still alive). When the game invites her to do so, she chooses to run rather than assault him. If you’ll follow the rest of the procedure, you can save him and he will still be alive.

IV. Chris, Bobby, and Travis

In terms of the futures, these three are linked. Chris will have to die in order for the rest of the family to live. The crucial choice, in this case, occurs in Chapter 9 while controlling Ryan. After he’s been stabbed, leave the knife in his side.

How to let the Hacketts survive in The Quarry
Bobby, Travis & Chris

Bobby will take Ryan’s knife and use it to fight Chris in his werewolf state. Then, Ryan will get the option of shooting someone. Make careful to shoot Chris in order to keep Bobby alive.

Now, only one person is left, i.e, Travis. If you unintentionally shoot him during the jail break, he will knife Laura to death and come closer to Ryan. Meanwhile, if you truly want to keep them all alive, let him take out Ryan as well. If he doesn’t attack Laura, the two of them will join Ryan in the end. If you don’t shoot Silas when requested, he’ll kill the entire trio.

V. Caleb

Finally, there’s Caleb Hackett. He’s the werewolf who battles Kaitlyn in the lodge. Allowing him to kill her is the only way to keep him alive. Select the option to wait for him to come through the chimney rather than shoot as he comes in.

He’ll dispose of Kaitlyn, resulting in a tragic finish, but he’ll be kept alive. That is how the Hacketts, or those allowed to reside in The Quarry, survive.

About The Quarry

The Quarry is a 2K Games-published interactive drama horror video game developed by Supermassive Games. It is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn (2015) and is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S.

The plot revolves around nine teenage counselors who are thrown into an unexpected night of horror. The only thing worse than the blood-soaked villagers and animals seeking them are the horrible decisions you must make to help them live.

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