Fortnite Versus Battles: How to find & join all Versus Board locations

With the coming of the Fortnite x Dragon Ball Crossover, a new addition titled “Versus Board” is also available. These boards let you engage in direct combat with a random opponent where you both know each other’s location. This is an interesting part of the game, and you should definitely try it.

We will tell you everything you need to know about Fortnite Versus Battles.

Fortnite: What are Versus Battles?

Versus battles are mini-events in Fortnite, which let two players hunt each other down by revealing their locations. You must sign up for this battle to join it through one of the Versus Boards on the island.

Fortnite Versus Battle Board: How to Join It?

Joining a Versus Board is pretty simple. They have replaced Bounty Boards across the island, so you can locate a Versus Board in areas where you have interacted with a board before.

Fortnite Versus Battle Board: How to Join It?
Versus Battle Board

After locating a Versus Board, you need to interact with it to start the challenge. Begin by activating it you will see a five-minute timer. You must hunt your enemy and defeat them to receive an XP boost within this time.

Fortnite: Versus Board Locations

You can find all Versus Boards in these locations, as the map attached below suggests.

Fortnite: Versus Board Locations
Versus Board Locations

Majority of these boards are located in major Points of Interest (POIs). You can find two in The Joneses, and one in every other POI, leaving Rave Cave, Tilted Towers, and Shuffled Shrines aside. You might find them at Mighty Monument and Seven Outposts.

How To Win a Versus Board Battle?

To be honest, winning a Versus Battle in Fortnite is challenging but, we can help you with that. You can only win this challenge by using your time efficiently.

How To Win a Versus Board Battle?
Versus Board Battle | Source: EpicGames

Just like most games that require hunting the opponent down, you need patience here as well. A lot of players tend to rush toward their target immediately but, you should employ a different strategy. Wait for your enemy to make a mistake.

Watch your enemy move across the map while you complete your loadout. This will leave them with fewer resources to use against you. Now, you’re smart enough to take advantage of this.


This kind of challenge is quite new, considering the fact that you will be able to see your enemy’s location easily. It reduces the fun or surprise element of spotting them out of nowhere but it does help you develop your in-game skills. It is good to go for all players, so best of luck!

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