Infect Everyone and Unlock Blood Pact Achievement in The Quarry

The Quarry is a horror-survival game which is popular among gamers due to its classy graphics and adventurous story. It challenges you to create a way through the storyline in which everyone or no one survives. Their latest horror story, however, has a unique twist: given the exact sequence of events, all nine playable characters can get bitten by the game’s monsters, extending the curse to the whole cast that unlocks the Blood Pact Achievement in The Quarry.

We’ll now show you how to infect each character and obtain the Blood Pact Achievement in The Quarry.

1. How to get the Blood Pact Achievement in The Quarry?

After the monster bites, all nine characters and they will get infected, then you can obtain the Blood Pact Achievement in the Quarry. You will be able to lay your hands on this trophy this way.

2. Who are the nine main characters in the Quarry?

There is a total of nine main characters in the Quarry Max, Laura, Chris, Travis, Emma, Ryan, Kaitlyn, Jacob, and Abigail. Now, the Blood Pact achievement totally depends on them.

3. How to infect all main characters in the Quarry?

The entire storyline of the Quarry revolves around the monster infecting the nine main characters. However, you need to follow each step to reach the Blood Pact Achievement in The Quarry.

Remember not to miss out on any of them!

I. How to Infect Max, Nick, and Laura

Max and Laura are automatically infected. So, you do not need to do anything to infect them. However, Max is bitten by werewolf Chris when exploring the Storm Shelter. Don’t worry about these two, nothing can go wrong with them.

Abigail will flee into the woods when the scene unfolds at the Fire Pit. However, Nick is ambushed by Silas not long after catching up to Abigail.

II. How to Infect Abigail 

In Chapter 3, Abigail gets infected. After Nick is attacked, she has several options. Three events might result in her getting infected. The first is that she does not flee or hide from the werewolf. The alternative possibility is that she tries to climb a tree but fails the quick-time event. Finally, she is bitten if she does not hold her breath.

How to Infect Abigail 
Abigail | Source: IMDb

Moreover, Abigail’s sickness is unusual in that she exhibits no symptoms or undergoes any transformation.

III. How to Infect Emma

During Emma’s werewolf encounter in Chapter Four, she has two chances to become infected. If she fails to push the cabinet in order to reach the trapdoor, the werewolf may infect her by biting her arm. The werewolf may bite her leg if she fails the quick time event while climbing the ladder.

How to Infect Emma
Emma | Source: IMDb

In Chapter Six, she has one last opportunity to get infected. She will be bitten by the werewolf if she does not have any fireworks while fleeing the hunters. 

IV. How to Infect Jacob

Like Abigail, you’ll get only one chance to infect Jacob in The Quarry. It is only completed with a failed quick time event in Chapter 6. However, the werewolf’s first attack on Jacob should not be avoided. So the test is successful, Jacob’s neck will be bitten and he will become infected.

How to Infect Jacob
Jacob | Source: IMDb

Now, you must be aware that Jacob can die in a variety of ways in the same scene.

  • Jacob will die if he does not escape or hide and does not have blood on him from the hunters.
  • He will die if he does not free himself from the rope trap.
  • Also, He will die if he tries to release himself from the bear trap and then fails to stop his head from falling into another bear trap.

V. How to Infect Ryan

Ryan can only get infected in Chapter 9, however, it is easy, involving simple choice rather than a quick-time event failure. Laura will offer to bite Ryan’s arm in order to help him survive the night’s wounds. To become infected, he must accept her offer and not draw away when she bites.

How to Infect Ryan
Ryan | Source: IMDb

Although in Chapter Nine, Ryan can die in three different ways. Whenever you have the chance, shoot Chris, and if Ryan ends up battling Travis, shoot Travis. In addition, if he is not bitten by Laura, he will definitely die from blood loss.

VI. How to Infect Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn can become infected in Chapter Nine’s scrapyard scene. Now, Dylan must tell Kaitlyn about the approaching werewolf.

How to infect everyone & unlock Blood Pact Achievement in the Quarry

Dylan will move the car as Kaitlyn gets into it. Then he must decide whether or not to slam the car. However, Dylan will receive a quick time event in which he will dump the car on the werewolf. So, if he fails, Kaitlyn will get bitten.

Also, it is the only way Kaitlyn gets infected and by the end of Chapter 10, everyone should be infected in order to obtain Blood Pact achievement in The Quarry.

4. Conclusion

By following the given steps, you will have helped the infecting all the nine characters. Once this happens, you will have completed the desired task.

Bravo! The Blood Pact Achievement is all yours. This achievement also includes 50 gamer points in total.

5. About The Quarry

The Quarry is a 2K Games-published interactive drama horror video game developed by Supermassive Games. It is the spiritual successor to Until Dawn (2015) and is available for Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and Series S.

The plot revolves around nine teenage counselors who are thrown into an unexpected night of horror. The only thing worse than the blood-soaked villagers and animals seeking them are the horrible decisions you must make to help them live.

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