How to Improve Battery Health in an iPhone | iPhone Battery Tips

Mobile users now have access to a variety of social networking platforms, games, movies, music, and other stuff that is available whenever and wherever we need it. The problem for the majority of smartphone users relates to rapid battery loss. Apple’s iPhone is a capable gadget, but like many gadgets, it needs maintenance to stay working efficiently. In the following guide, we have covered some steps on how to improve iPhone Battery Health. 

Why It’s Important to Maintain Your iPhone’s Battery Health?

Even though all iPhones gradually wither away, there are several things you can do to increase their lifespan. The battery is one of the most frequent components of an iPhone to malfunction first. If you don’t take care of the battery, it could stop working entirely even when it’s plugged in.

The battery life of an iPhone depends on various circumstances, so there is no way to predict how long it will last. To keep the iPhone’s overall long-term health in check, it’s helpful to be aware of typical battery difficulties.

How to Improve iPhone Battery Health?

Here are some suggestions to improve iPhone battery health in good condition so you may use it for as long as possible.

I. Turn Off Background App Refresh

The iPhone has a range of features to make it more intelligent and responsive when you need it. The Background App Refresh function is one of these. This function examines the apps you use the most frequently as well as the time of day. Then it updates those apps so that they always have the most recent information when you open them again. This feasible function uses up battery.

Open the Settings app, select General > Background App Refresh, and then select Background App Refresh > Off to disable Background App Refresh on the iPhone. Alternately, turn the setting off for only certain programmes.

II. Install the Most Recent Software Update

Apple frequently distributes software updates to improve privacy settings, address issues, and add new functions. According to Apple, each new iPhone software update also features cutting-edge energy-saving capabilities. Usually, your Settings app will display the tiny red circle when an update is accessible. Additionally, a banner notification can appear on your phone. 

Tap the Settings app if you’re unsure and want to see if an update is available. Select General after scrolling down to it. Then, at the top, choose Software Update. Either a message indicating that your iOS version is current or an update option will appear on your screen.

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iOS 16 | Source: Apple

III. Switch to Low Power

The Low power mode will optimize the apps with limited usage. Although you won’t notice much change, the option disables battery hogs like mail fetch, automated downloads, and some visual effects. The brightness of your phone is likewise reduced.

Select Low Power Mode under Settings > Battery

IV. Turn off Automatic Updates

As new versions of apps are published, turn off the automatic updating option. This is both convenient and battery-sucking. Update apps manually, When the battery is completely charged; otherwise, disable automated app updates.

V. Enable Reduce Motion on iPhone

You may have noticed that when you open apps, there is a swooshing animation as the tile transforms into the app; this is a motion effect. Similar to how the tiles and icons on your iPhone may appear to move slightly in relation to your wallpaper as you move the device, this phenomenon is known as a parallax effect. Both of these use battery power and can be turned off (incidentally, this is something that Low Power Mode does for you).

1. Go to Settings, then select Accessibility.
2. Choose Motion, then turn on Reduce Motion.

How to Improve Battery Health in an iPhone | iPhone Battery Tips
iPhone Reduce Motion

VI. Auto-Lock and Screen Brightness

If you notice that “Home & Lock Screen” is using more battery than expected, it is advised to verify those settings again. By setting Auto-Lock to 30 seconds, you can extend battery life. Given that the majority of Apple’s iPhone’s support raise to wake. this additional 30 seconds, therefore, is significant.

Select Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock from the menu.

Increasing battery life by reducing screen brightness is another option. However, this would probably depend on the user. 

You may adjust the display and brightness under Settings > Display & Brightness or Control Center (swipe down from the top right corner).


Maintaining a healthy battery not only allows you to use your iPhone for longer but also prevents slowdowns, app crashes, and other issues. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can do to improve iPhone battery health. 

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