How to Hide Profile and Author Name on Blogger/Blogspot

Blogger can be tough to work with at times as it lacks the necessary customization choices. However, it is quite beneficial for those who wish to start a blogging career. If you are the only author on your Blogger website and wish to delete or hide the author name and profile information from all posts, you are at the correct spot. We will tell you how you can hide your profile and name in 6 simple steps on Blogger.

However, if you have multiple writers on your website you do not have to hide the profile, as it can be useful to provide transparency between the writer and reader. Moreover, with the help of the author profile, readers can filter the posts by the author.

How to Hide Profile on Blogger

Follow these 6 steps to hide the author profile and name on the blogger:

  1. Sign in to Blogger with registered email
  2. Click on Layout Option present in the left sidebar
  3. Go to Blog Posts present under the Page Body
  4. Click on Edit in Blog Posts Section
  5. Click to uncheck the “Posted by” and “Show Author Profile below post” options.
  6. Save the settings

Furthermore, if in future you wish to show the name and profile of the author again, you can come back to the same settings and check both the boxes. This situation can occur when you will apply for Google News. As it is mentioned in the Google News policies that visitors to your site want to know who creates and publishes the information they read so news should provide the writers name in the posts.

Here in this setting, you can also hide the comment count, date and time of a published blog post in Blogger. Moreover, you will find more options in the popup. I hope now you may have successfully removed the author profile from the post. If you have any other problems related to Blogger or WordPress do let us know by commenting down below.

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