How to Get Thunder Stone and Craft the Obliterator in Valheim

The Valheim Hearth & Home update arrived on September 16, bringing additional dwelling options. Many of you believe that this will be the only option available. Iron Gate provided us with destructive weapons like the Valheim Obliterator, which is a good thing. Now, you need to find a Valheim Thunder Stone and craft the Obliterator in Valheim for your base’s smithy.

How To Get a Thunder Stone in Valheim

Thunder stone is the most rigid component used in the central part of the Obliterator.

Well, you’ll have to track down Haldor, Valheim’s only trader who can sell you Thunder Stone. So, let’s take a walk within the Black Forest biome. However, his location will always change based on the seed that you have.

How to Craft the Obliterator in Valheim and Get Thunder Stone
Talk To Haldar

Furthermore, you’ll have to find a specific map seed that is the only method to know precisely where he is in the Black Forest.

Once you find those seeds, you need to head towards Haldor and purchase the Thunder Stone for 50 gold coins (the main currency that Haldor will accept).

Alternatively, there is a technique that may significantly speed up the procedure. Specifically, using console instructions in Valheim, users may compel the Trader to spawn. 

For individuals who want to explore this option, below is a step-by-step guide:

  1. To open the console window, press F5.
  2. In the console window, type “iamacheater” (without quotes).
  3. To reopen the console window, press F5.
  4. In the console window, type “spawn Haldor” (without the quotations).

Now, move towards your home to craft the Obliterator in Valheim.

How To Craft the Obliterator in Valheim

The Valheim Obliterator is your one-stop shop for all hoarding requirements. The Obliterator is a constructible structure that may be used to destroy any object in the game. If only Frodo had one. The structure is critical to any late-game save since you will eventually run out of things to do with your collected goods. Additionally, your dedicated warehouse building will provide much more breathing room for the Hearth and Home goods you want to create.

Here are the recipe ingredients in order to craft the Obliterator in Valheim:

  • 1 Forge
  • 8 pieces of iron
  • 4 pieces of copper
  • 1 piece of thunderstone
How to Craft the Obliterator in Valheim and Get Thunder Stone
Craft the Obliterator in Valheim

Almost every base will have a Forge since it is one of the early game things that may be crafted after traveling into the Black Forests. The same is true for copper, which is abundant in the Black Forest. On the other hand, obtaining eight iron involves going into the marsh, which is somewhat more complex but possible, mainly if you’re playing an advanced game. Moreover, the only thing you are unfamiliar with is the Thunder Stone, which you’ll obtain from Haldor for 50 gold coins.

Finally, you made your Obliterator in Valheim with the use of Thunder Stone. Now, you need to move ahead to explore Valheim Hearth & Home update. Also, we’ll bring more guides for you. So, please stay connected with us!

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