Fortnite adds Thor: Love and Thunder Skins in-game | How to Get them?

It is official that Fortnite has introduced new Thor Love and Thunder skin for its players. This is the most recent leak for the game’s Chapter 3 Season 3 and fans have already started grabbing them. The Thor skins have added to the hype of this Marvel character.

We will tell you how you can get the Thor Love and Thunder Skins in Fortnite.

Fortnite: New Thor Skin Release Date

At around 8 pm Eastern Time on July 7, the Thor Love and Thunder skins are available for purchase in Fortnite’s item shop. The new update happened before the release of the actual movie. As per ShiinaBR, a leaker, Fortnite x Thor: Love and Thunder will comprise Thor Odinson and Mighty Thor.

Fortnite adds Thor: Love and Thunder Skins in-game
Fortnite x Thor: Love and Thunder | Source: EpicGames

You can get these new skins by purchasing them from the item shop. However there is a twist in this tale. You can only purchase a bundle, rather than individual items.

Fortnite Thor: Love and Thunder Skin: Features

Fortnite Thor: Love and Thunder Skin: Features

The Thor: Love and Thunder bundle comprises of these elements:

  1. Thor Odinson
  2. Mighty Thor – Jane Foster
  3. Loading Screen
  4. Bring the Hammer Down Emote
  5. Stormbreaker Pickaxe
  6. Stormbreaker’s Flight Glider
  7. Reformed Mjolnir
  8. Reformed Mjolnir’s Flight Glider

You will be able to wander the island with your favorite Norse God. However, only Thor Odinson, Mighty Thor, Thor, and Captain America will be able to use the Pickaxe and Gliders.

How to get God of Thunder Pack in Fortnite

You can lay your hands on the God of Thunder Pack in Fortnite by purchasing it from the item shop. This new bundle is available at a minimal cost of 2500 V-bucks. A true fan would never miss out on this opportunity and you should not either.

Who is worthy to hold Thor’s Hammer in Fortnite?

Who is worthy to hold Thor's Hammer Fortnite?
Thor’s Hammer Fortnite | Source: EpicGames

You must know that not everyone can hold Thor’s Hammer called Mjolnir. Only those who wear worthy outfits can use it & currently Thor Odinson, Mighty Thor, and Thor are the ones you need. So, before purchasing these new skins you must possess a worthy outfit.

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