Brick Hammer in Elden Ring: How to get, Location & Stats

In order to win any boss fight in Elden Ring, you need the best weapons in hand and one such weapon is the Brick Hammer. This weapon is especially meant for strong-heavy builds so, you should get it for yourself right now.

We will tell you how you can get the Brick Hammer in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: What is the Brick Hammer?

Elden Ring: What is the Brick Hammer?
Brick Hammer

The Brick Hammer is a Warhammer weapon in Elden Ring with B scaling in STR and you require 31 STR to wield it. You can apply any Ash of War on it to make it beneficial for you. It suits strength builds so we suggest that you use it more often. It is also good against the Crystalian Enemies in the game.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Brick Hammer?

You can find this weapon in the beginning of the game at Limgrave. Begin by going to the Stormveil Cliffside from the Stormveil Castle Main Gate Site of Grace. From here, head North and follow the path, as it leads you.

Stay on the right till you reach a doorway and then go inside and climb the stairs. Once you have climbed, you will see a room with a ladder. Enter the room and climb the ladder. After reaching the top, move towards the right and you will see another doorway leading outside of the castle.

What is the Brick Hammer?
Brick Hammer

From here, you have to jump to exit, then take the left turn and stay on track. In some time, you will find a room with a bandit-like enemy. You must defeat it and collect the Brick Hammer from the corpse in the room.

Elden Ring: Brick Hammer Stats

We have enlisted the statistics of the Brick Hammer for your assistance. It is an F-tier choice.

I. Brick Hammer Attack Stats

RankStatBase Max
APhysical Attack122TBD
FMagical Attack0TBD
FFire Attack0TBD
FLightning Attack0TBD
FHoly Attack0TBD
FAttack Crit100TBD
Attack Stats

II. Brick Hammer Guard Stats

APhysical Guard57TBD
FMagical Guard40TBD
FFire Guard40TBD
FLightning Guard40TBD
FHoly Guard40TBD
FGuard Boost40TBD
Guard Stats


The Brick Hammer in Elden Ring is a very powerful weapon and it can work wonders for you. You can use it for strength builds and watch yourself win boss fights. It is quite easy to get the weapon as all you have to do is fight well against the bandit-like enemy.

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