How to Get RIOT Gun Buddy (Bro Fist) in Valorant

Gun Buddies are a type of cosmetic in Valorant. They are weapon charms that are attached to weapons to modify their appearance. Gun Buddies can mostly be unlocked by completing Agent Contracts, can be earned through Battle Pass progression, or even can be purchased from Collection Bundles. There is a total of 182 different Gun Buddies, out of which ‘BRO FIST’ is the rarest in-game cosmetic in Valorant. It is also known as ‘The Fist Bump Buddy’ or ‘RIOT Gun Buddy’ in Valorant.

The Gun Buddy has been made available just after Episode 1 Act 3 ended. Furthermore, Rank Gun Buddies give players a way to display their best-proven skill for a respective Act (their top Act Rank for that episode); these help the players showcase their rank on their weapons in-game.

1. What are the different ways to get Gun Buddies in Valorant?

They are six (6) ways in which a Valorant player can unlock or gain Gun Buddies:

  • Completing Agent Contracts
  • Earning through Battle Pass progression
  • Purchasing them from Collection Bundles
  • Through Prime Gaming
  • By playing Competitive
  • Miscellaneous Ways

I. Completing Agent Contracts

All the 18 agent contracts contain a Gun Buddy which are unlocked once the player reaches TIER 6. Out of all 18 Gun Buddies unlocked by completing Agent Contracts, Neon’s Surge Protector; Omen’s Grim Delight, and Yoru’s Dimensional Fragment are my Personal Top 3 favorite.    

II. Earning Through Battle Pass progression

The battle pass contains between 9 to 12 Gun Buddies which are spread out over both paid and free tracks in Valorant. Depending on how many buddies the pass has, these are always earned at the same tier or chapter. The free tracks always have 3 Gun Buddies which are unlocked after completing Chapters 2,6 & 9. Whereas the unlocking of paid tracks gives access to 6 – 9 more Gun Buddies at other tiers.

III. Purchasing from Collection Bundles 

Gun buddies in Valorant can be obtained even from the collection bundles which can be brought and these are at least Premium Edition-tier. Starts from 475 Valorant points and a few of them can even cost 975 Valorant points.

IV. Through Prime Gaming

Prime Gaming x Valorant

The following Gun Buddies in Valorant are rewards unlocked by Prime Gaming subscribers who connect their account with their Riot Games account.

V. By Playing Competitive

At the end of each episode, players who played Competitive games and earned a rank will receive a Gun Buddy based on the highest Act Rank they achieved during the episode. Each episode has its own ranked buddies and there are buddies for every rank.

VI. Miscellaneous Ways

However, few of the Gun Buddies in Valorant don’t belong to any of the above-mentioned categories. Few of them for your reference:

  • Arcane Cupcake: Given to players who completed Tier 10 of RiotX Arcane Pass
  • Closed Beta Coin: Given to players who completed Tier 5 of the Closed Beta Pass
  • Dallah: Given to all accounts that existed when the Middle Eastern region was launched 4) Exquisitely Wrapped: Given to players who logged into their account after December 14th 2021 etc.

One such Gun Buddy in Valorant which can be unlocked in a miscellaneous way is ‘FIST BUMP’ or ‘BRO FIST’. This is the rarest in-game Gun Buddy in Valorant.

2. How to get Riot Gun / Fist Bump Buddy in Valorant?

Fist Bump Buddy Valorant

The FIST BUMP is said to be the rarest in-game cosmetic which is given by the players by Riot and their employees. Usually, we must leave a comment, a tweet, or ask the Riot Games employees to get the Riot Gun Buddy in Valorant as a gift after providing our region and user/champion name. Along with this in-game cosmetic, they even give out Valorant Points.

So guys, plug in your charges; switch on your laptops; install Valorant and start playing. Let’s see who among us will unlock all the Gun Buddies first. I agree, this is something impossible but I wish I could obtain all the Gun Buddies before 2022. Just Kidding but yeah if Riot Game employees please give us FIST BUMP; we need it, for gamers like us it’s an achievement. So, Riot should start a give-away contest and gift FIST BUMP gun buddy in Valorant. Sincerely requesting, An Valorant Player.

3. About Valorant

Valorant is a 5v5 character-based FPS shooter title published by Riot Games for Windows, that has been constantly giving neck-to-neck competition to already well-established CS-GO. In October 2019, the game was first launched under the name Project A, and on April 7, 2020, it launched a private beta program with restricted access for players, followed by an official release on June 2, 2020.

It has been gaining huge popularity lately, many e-sports orgs have already set up their Valorant lineups and are looking forward to winning titles.

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  1. dear rioter may i get a riot gun buddy, i have been playing since ac 1 ep and im also part of the PBE community, I hope u can consider giving me a riot gun buddy. Thanks 🙂 Kakashi Hatake #4003

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