How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an action role-playing game available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Microsoft Windows. The game is presented in a third-person perspective. Players will be freely roaming in the game’s interactive open world. The Gameplay elements include combat, featuring several types of weapons and magic spells, horseback riding, and crafting. Ringed Finger Hammer is one of those several weapons available in Elden Ring. What is Ringed Finger Hammer? Where can you find the Ringed Finger Hammer? How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring? Continue reading to know much more about Ringed Finger Hammer:

1. What is Ringer Finger Hammer in Elden Ring?

How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring
Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring

Ringed Finger is a Hammer in Elden Ring. It scales primarily with Strength and Dexterity and is a good weapon for breaking through guards and stances. This weapon is ideal for delivering powerful strikes against enemies with a strong guard. It is one of those tons of hidden weapons for players to find in Elden Ring. The Ringed Finger Hammer is one of the best, strongest, and funniest even. This unorthodox mallet has a similar design to the ring-wearing finger of one of the Spider Hand enemies that players can fight throughout the Lands Between.

2. Where can you find the Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring map?

How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring
Ringed Finger Hammer Location

The weapon is well-hidden by the developers in a pretty interesting and at the same time in a very punishing spot. For those who don’t explore inside and out of the Lords Between, finding the weapon out is something next to impossible.

We can find the Ringed Finger Hammer in the Gelmir Hero’s Grave. There are many ways that enroute players to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave –

  1. Head all the way to Mt. Gelmir, high above the Altus Plateau. With enemies imposing, hidden Key Items, and frustrating terrain standing in our way, it is a difficult task to get to the Altus Plateau.
  2. Players that can brave Magma Wyrm Makar can slip up the Ruin-Stewn Precipice and slip through the backdoor to Altus’ expansive zone
  3. Those who feel they can’t defeat the firey boss will have to opt for traveling up the Grand Lift of Dectus by piecing together the elusive Dectus Medallion

Take any of these routes and all of them will route you to Gelmir Hero’s Grave, high in the mountaintops.

3. The Easiest Way to Get Ringed Finger Hammer

The easiest way to make it to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave, for players that have yet to discover it. It is to head up Mt.Gelmir from the Seethewater River Site of Grace. Then follow the mountain path around, hugging left the entire time, until they reach the Craftsman’s Shack. Players should head towards the Hermit Village from the Craftsman’s Shack. After heading through the Hermit Village ahead, move towards a cliff on the other side. There will be a massive rock that juts outward from the cliff. This rock allows players to run across it and jump down to a Mausoleum-style entrance to the Gelmir Hero’s Grave.

4. How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer?

How to Get Ringed Finger Hammer in Elden Ring
Ringed Finger Hammer

Once inside, you will have to ride down the elevator to the Site of Grace. Its time for the fun part for everyone and a semi-difficult part for one with low health. Turn to your left from the Site of Grace and go down the stairs, and continue through the hallway. On continuing on through the hallway, you will eventually lead into a long room filled with lava and a massive ramp bending downward.

When you start running down the ramp, you will spot a Chariot Enemy that will start moving towards you and attack you too. This Chariot is impossible to kill and it’s a trap. So, you have to duck into the openings on the side of the room as you make your way downward. Towards the bottom of the ramp, you will notice that the lava extends far down.

To reach the Ringed Finger Hammer, players need to run through the lava, around the corner to the left, and then into a small secret area with a chest. The Ringed Finger Hammer is present inside the chest and by god’s grace, you need not take down any enemy to obtain the Ringed Finger Hammer.

The Ringed Finger Hammer does decent damage, is fairly quick to strike, and has one of the most hilarious weapon arts in the game. I hope this was in some way helpful to you.

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