Mods on Minecraft Education Edition: Way to Get Mods

Minecraft ‘mods’ is a short form for Minecraft modifications. These are the changes or modifications made to the game to alter the original gameplay. These can also be as simple as updating or upgrading the lighting and colors. Or even can be as complex as introducing completely new and functional elements to the game. These elements to the game can include – new characters or new collectible items. Both players and programmers enjoy the mods for Minecraft. Why do both players and programmers enjoy the mods for Minecraft? How to get Mods on Minecraft Education Edition? What can Minecraft Mods do? Let us know about all of these and a few more too –

1. Why do both players and programmers enjoy the mods for Minecraft?

players and programmers enjoy the mods for Minecraft

Gamers look forward to a way to spice up their Minecraft experience. This can be done by downloading, installing, and playing around with dozens of mods at a time. While on the other side, hobbyists, engineers, programmers, students, and aspiring programmers enjoy creating mods for Minecraft. This could be for themselves. Or could be even for their fellow players. One can do this by accessing Minecraft’s source code. Access Minecraft’s source code and make the changes.

2. What can Mods on Minecraft do?

Minecraft mods take various shapes and forms. Mods for Minecraft can:

  • Add new blocks, items, mobs such as animals and other creatures
  • Change the way blocks, items or mobs appear during the gameplay
  • Grant players new powers and special abilities
  • Alter or add new landscapes and terrain
  • Allow for changes to player speed
  • Change Minecraft’s Graphics
  • Add incredible machines and other devices to the game
What can Mods on Minecraft do?

The beauty of Mods for Minecraft is that they allow changes. These changes add free replay value to the video game. Replay value is something many games do lack in. Hence mods for Minecraft are so popular.

Some of the popular Minecraft mods are –

  • The Jurassicraft
  • Minecraft Helicopter and Plane Mod
  • The Galacticraft
  • Medieval Colonies
  • Advanced Swords and many more

3. What is Minecraft Education Edition?

Minecraft Education Edition is a version of Minecraft designed as a teaching tool to help educators use Minecraft for various educational purposes. Students can use this version of Minecraft for activities like basic building. And go all the way up to learning how to code in Javascript and Python. This version also includes tools that allow teachers to supervise and interact with students. It also allows them to join the game with them and teach from within the game.

4. How to get Mods on Minecraft Education Edition?

Though mods themselves are exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft. The Education Edition of Minecraft has many different addons/ mods available for it. These include vehicle mods, furniture mods, animal mods, and many more.

Step 1: Downloading Addons

Addons are the parent terms for mods. Addons can be installed and used for Education Edition. Find these mods on websites like Minecraft’s official website. You can find mods on many other websites too.

Step 2: Import Addons into Minecraft Education Edition

Download the addons of your choice. Then toggle over to Education Edition. Click “Play”. From there go to “Import”. On clicking on the option; the player’s windows explorer will open. Then you are navigated to the place where you can install the downloaded add-ons.

Select the addon and press “OK”. Then the addons will be added to Minecraft Education Edition.

Start playing and check the addons in action in your Minecraft Education Edition. Head back to the link for more add-ons. Download and enjoy many more addons in Minecraft Education Edition

5. Conclusion about Mods on Minecraft Education Edition

Conclusion about Mods on Minecraft Education Edition
Minecraft Education Edition

Everyone who is interested in becoming a programmer or gamers who wish to have their own gaming universe will love this. So, pull your devices out and install the Minecraft Education Edition. Don’t settle for anything else. Try all the available addons in the link. You can use and remove the add-ons. Hence don’t hesitate to use them all. Create the most exciting universe. This is not just for you. But even for your fellow players. I feel that everyone will love this.

Happy Programming; Happy Learning; and Happy Gaming!

6. About Minecraft

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no set goals to achieve, giving players a great deal of freedom in how they play the game.  However, an achievement system is referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation adaptations. Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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