Far Cry: The Best Sniper Rifle In The Game And How To Get It

Far Cry series is also known for its sniping features in the game. Despite the seemingly endless array of weaponry available, sniper rifles are among the most rewarding weapons in the game. Moreover, the sniper rifle is the most potent weapon in the game. In Far Cry 6, the MBP.50 sniper rifle is an incredible beast for any gaming style, and you can grab it quite early on in the game.

How To Get MBP.50 Sniper Rifle in Far Cry 6

Far Cry 6 has the MBP.50; a bolt-action sniper rifle chambered in.50 BMG. It features a five-round magazine and uses the same.50 caliber ammunition as the SA-50 and D50. Furthermore, we found some ways to get the MBP.50 sniper rifle in Far Cry.


You need to complete significant objectives and proceed through Far Cry 6’s narrative mode to finish this one. The FND cache might potentially include something completely different.

The Best Sniper Rifle In Far Cry 6
MBP.50: Blood & Dragon | Source: Fandom
  • You need to complete the main mission, Blood Ties.
  • Now, you’ll have to gain access to the Paradise Lost Mission from Clara.
  • You need to plant three explosives; there is an FND cache opposite the second explosives checkpoint.
  • This FND cache should contain the MBP .50 sniper rifle.


There’s a strong possibility that one of the snipers on Esperanza’s roofs will drop the MBP.50. This approach may appear to be the most straightforward, but it is not. You will need to be about rank 10 to take down many of the opponents in this region.


Building a Guerrilla Garrison in one of Far Cry 6’s main base camps is the most dependable but most expensive way to get the MBP.50 sniper rifle.

Montero FarmMadrugada
Camp Maximas Valle De Oro
Patriotas PeakEl Este

Here you will know how to obtain the rifle with this method:

Far Cry: The Best Sniper Rifle In The Game
MBP.50 | Source: Fandom
  • You’ll have to approach the store with the green hammer symbol above it and choose the Guerrilla Garrison at a cost of 60 Metal and 60 Gasoline.
  • Please ensure the Guerrilla Garrison is upgraded to a Level 2 at a cost of 140 Metal and 140 Gasoline.
  • The MBP.50 Sniper Rifle is now available from the storeman at the Guerrilla Garrison. Now, you can purchase the rifle for 3850 Pesos.

By far this is the most dependable method of obtaining a firearm. However, in order for the rifle to achieve its full potential, the player must ensure that it has the greatest optics, silencers, and ammunition upgrades. It’s a costly undertaking, but the resources and money needed may be obtained quickly by unlocking the Bandidos Operations at one of the main base camps.

About Far Cry 6

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Published by Toronto, Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game. The plot is set up on Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. You play as Dani Rojas, the protagonist and a guerilla fighter, to take down the dictator Antón Castillo and his son Diego.

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