How to get Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is a role-playing game, your survival is something that matters the most and is something very essential in-game. So, choosing strong Armor and a good weapon is also an added advantage. Let us now discuss one such Armor in AC Valhalla is ‘the Lugh’s Armor’. Location of Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla. Where can I find all the pieces of the Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla? And a few more –

Where is the Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla?

The Lugh Armor Set is scattered in between the two rivers – River Berbha and River Erriff in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. You need to gain access to Erriff. You can gain access by finding a River Map Clue on the River Berbha, and unlocking both the locations give you access to the whole complete set of the Armor. The Armor is not available as a whole complete set at one location; pieces are spread over parts. So, you need to find those pieces and complete the Armor before using it.

The locations of all the pieces of the Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla:

There is a total of five (5) pieces that together form the Lugh Armor Set. Namely –

  • Lugh’s Helmet
  • The Lugh’s Disguise
  • Lugh’s Greaves
  • The Lugh’s Chest Piece
  • Lugh’s Bracers

The Lugh’s Helmet:

Port Lairge on the River Berbha contains the Lugh’s Helmet. You can find this piece on the western part of the river. It’s not that heavily guarded and collecting this settlement first would help you in preparing yourself for the rest of the river

Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla
Lugh’s Helmet
Light Resistance23.8
Heavy Resistance19.8

The Lugh’s Disguise:

You can find the Lugh’s Disguise inside of the Berbha Fortification settlement on the river Berbha. It’s on the eastern portion of the river. Unlike the Lugh’s Helmet, the Lugh’s Disguise is heavily guarded which means you can expect quite a bit of resistance from those out there. Make sure to bring plenty of rations for yourself and your allies

Lugh Armor Set in AC Valhalla
Lugh’s Disguise
Light Resistance19.8
Heavy Resistance23.8

The Lugh’s Greaves:

The first fragment of the Lugh’s Armor set which you can find near the river Erriff. You can find the Lugh’s Greaves in Aasleagh Fort on the river Erriff. Aasleagh Fort being one of the starting landmarks on the river, it is not heavily guarded

Lugh’s Greaves
Light Resistance24.8
Heavy Resistance18.8

The Lugh’s Chest Piece:

Derryulra is a place on the eastern bank of the River Erriff, that is where you can find the Lugh’s Chest Piece. Though it is one of the larger portions of the river, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to find the piece out. The chest piece will be inside a chest in the inner defenses

Lugh’s Chest Armor
Light Resistance18.8
Heavy Resistance24.8

The Lugh’s Bracers:

The final fragment of the Lugh’s Armor set. You can find this deep in the river Erriff. The Lugh’s Bracers are present at Killary Camp, a location quite similar to Derryulra, the place where you can find the Lugh’s Chest piece

Lugh’s Bracers
Light Resistance21.8
Heavy Resistance21.8

The advantage of collecting all the five pieces of the Lugh Armor Set:

If you have all the five pieces of the Lugh Armor Set and wear them, the passive bonus is your reward for accomplishing the task. This bonus increases your melee damage. It also increases your melee resistance while surrounded by more than three enemies.

A good Armor is always an extra advantage for a good player. I hope you will go to all the mentioned locations and collect all the fragments of the Lugh’s Armor and enjoy the benefits of the Armor Set.

We will be back with more information about many other Armor Sets, tips, and tricks helpful for you while playing AC Valhalla. Until then

Happy Gaming!

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