How to Complete the Killing Spree Challenge in Halo Infinite

According to Microsoft, Halo Infinite has become the number 1 free game on Xbox in the UK and US. Despite that, Halo Infinite manages to strike a balance between history and current elements, which has been a problem in previous installments in terms of gameplay. This prepares you for some spectacular moves and killstreaks, such as Killing Spree in Halo Infinite.

Now you can discover everything there is to know about Killing Spree right here.

Killing Spree Requirements in Halo Infinite

Earning a Killing Spree in Halo Infinite appears to be a simple task. To activate the award, you must score five kills in a row, which isn’t tough. It’s a sign that you are at least fairly talented in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer sandbox so that you may take satisfaction in that. Moreover, Kill Joy awards will now be awarded to players who shut down Killing Sprees.

How to get Killing Spree & Complete the Challenge in Halo Infinite
Killing Spree in Halo Infinite | Source: Xbox

The first Killing Spree medal is only a pity stop on a lengthy journey. In actuality, you may receive seven more medals for Killing Sprees, with the maximum number of kills per life being 40. The following is a complete list of medals awarded to members of the Killing Spree:

  • Killing Spree – Earn 5 kills in one life.
  • Killing Frenzy – Earn 10 kills in one life.
  • Running Riot – Earn 15 kills in one life.
  • Rampage – Earn 20 kills in one life.
  • Nightmare – Earn 25 kills in one life.
  • Boogeyman – Earn 30 kills in one life.
  • Grim Reaper – Earn 35 kills in one life
  • Demon – Earn 40 kills in one life

How to Obtain Killing Spree in Halo Infinite

Well, there is no single tip that you can use to get Killing Sprees in Halo Infinite. You need to keep some tips in mind to stay longer in the game and obtain Killing Spree.

  • Try to keep jiggling while gunfighting though make sure to keep landing shots. However, it is a simple trick but hard to master.
  • Try to concentrate on sections of the map with a lot of angles while playing objective game modes. Find a place to get some cover and get the drop on enemies with melee moves. It gives you the advantage to earn more kills and remain alive longer in multiplayer battles.
  • Keep your shield strength in your mind throughout the battle. It is easy to push forward with low shield strength in a one-on-one battle but it may cost your life while fighting with two-on-one or even more player count. Now, don’t hesitate to back off from a battle when your shield strength is low. Then, let your shield recharge back to full strength before engaging again.

How to Complete Killing Spree Challenge in Halo Infinite

Getting a Killing Spree is one of those tasks you may have achieved by mistake, but it becomes much more difficult when you’re under time pressure to complete it as part of a challenge before the weekly reset.

Practice and familiarity with Halo Infinite’s feel, maps, and loadouts are the most effective ways to improve your proficiency to the point where Killing Sprees are more possible. Other excellent strategies for getting kills without dying include:

How to get Killing Spree & Complete the Challenge in Halo Infinite
Using Gravity Hammer in Halo Infinite | Source: Xbox
  • Use a gravity hammer, energy sword, or explosives to kill more players simultaneously.
  • Try to avoid camping because it raises the risk of grenades or other surprise attacks.
  • Defensively, slowly, and inside a zone are the keys to get success in the game.

You must have eventually figured out everything about Killing Spree in Halo Infinite. Now, rank up yourself in the game and obtain amazing rewards by completing weekly tasks.

About Halo Infinite

The First-Person shooter multiplayer game for Windows produced by 343 Industries and released by Xbox Game Studios. The sixth installment in the Halo series continues the story of the Master Chief, following Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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