How to Get Good at Fortnite? Tips for Fortnite Players to Quickly get Good in 2022!

Being a Survival Royale Pass game, it’s necessary for players to have good skills and adroit gameplay. So, here are Tips for Fortnite players for improving their gameplay. Here’s how you can get good in Fortnite:

1. Pro Tips for Fortnite during the Early Game

As soon as you know the direction of the battle bus, you are already in the early game. From here, every minute action will matter. During the Early game, our main goal should be to gather as much loot as possible. At the same time, we should be maxing out on all the materials. The early game might look simple, if you feel so, bro you are wrong. Early game it’s that easy. So, during the early game, we need to play smart and the gameplay during the early stage determines the rest of our game.

Tip 1: Never Ever directly contest anyone

Never Ever directly contest anyone; I repeat NEVER EVER. Avoid landing in the same building as your opponent, if you are doing, you are inviting danger. For your better understanding, you found an SMG and your opponent has found a shotgun; it’s you who will be in danger. So, it’s better we avoid landing in the building.

Tip 2: Land in a location with a heavy floor loot spawn rate

Even if you are a pro player, you can win a match with improper loot. Good loot is always an advantage. Hence, it is advisable to land in locations with heavy floor loot spawn rates. The chance of getting decent loot is higher when landing in a house with 3 chests and 6-floor loot drops rather than a house with 1 chest and 2-floor loot drops.

Land in a Location with a Heavy Floor Loot

Tip 3: Push to players nearby

If you have a purple or golden shotgun along with a spray gun and a half or full shield, you are advised to push to players nearby. It is said so because the chances of your opponent even having a decent loot are quite unlikely. Hence, allowing you to eliminate them easily and quickly without much hassle.

Tip 4: Head to the safe zone

If the zone pulls far, it’s better you leave early and occupy a place inside the zone

2. Pro Tips for Fortnite during the Mid Game

The mid-game starts after the first zone, bringing the players a step closer to each other. During this stage, you should preserve your loot and avoid random fights to reduce unnecessary risks. During this transition period, you should survive using what you have looted and, unload the necessary from the enemy’s loot.

Tip 1: Avoid Picking up Random Fights

Your main aim is to survive. Hence, picking up unnecessary fights will always be risky. Unless you are forced to fight or you are playing in a boot lobby, you shouldn’t pick up fights.

Tip 2: Ensure that Fights End Quickly

In any case, if you indulged in a fight, you should end it ASAP. The longer the fight happens, the bigger is the wastage of resources and the higher the chances of third-party players.

Tip 3: Position yourself in the middle of every zone

Despite the zones shrinking randomly, chances of being in the next zone are higher when you make it in being in the middle of the present fixed zone. This tip is useful for both kinds of gameplay- the safe one and even the aggressive one.

Position Yourself in the Middle of Every Zone

3. Pro Tips for Fortnite during the End Game

The end game begins when you can’t randomly walk out and loot without any risk of getting shot. Even a little mistake will result in your elimination. So, here are our tips for you during the End game-

Tip 1: Build behind you

Always build a shield behind you to avoid being shot from behind because you can take down the players in your eyesight in some way or the other, but you can’t take down a player who is behind you.

Always Build a Shield Behind You to Avoid Being Shot

Tip 2: Look for ‘easy’ picks

Look around for people who are struggling and eliminate them. Elimination is the second-best way to get more points.

Tip 3: Make the best use of every material

The way you use your loot should be very efficient. Even if the opponent has a better gun than yours, you can end up eliminating him using your materials perfectly.

4. General Pro Tips for Fortnite

Tips for Fortnite 1: Improve your Aim

Better the aim, Better the chances of you eliminating your enemy

Improve your Aim

Tips for Fortnite 2: Right Usage of Materials

The right usage of materials will always help you in winning the match. During the early game, use ‘Wood’ because it is easily available. Use ‘Brick’ during the mid-game and ‘Metal’ during the end game because of its strength.

5. Conclusion

I find these Pro Tips for Fortnite quite useful. I hope you use will these tips and get more points eliminating players. Land in a high loot location, get your loot, and attack. Cheers to all Fortnite players.

6. About Fortnite

Fortnite is an online multiplayer video game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. It is free to play. Up to 100 players compete in a battle royale game to see who will be the last person standing. Available for Microsoft Windows, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Android. It is one of the most played battle royale games worldwide.

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