Double Rank Up in Valorant: The Scenario

Some words will always excite us like double; more; excess; extra and many more. All of them do mean the same and do give the same excitement. And the excitement gets much higher if we get a few Ammos in excess, double the XP, and an extra life in-game. I think Valorant developers have heard us, and that could be why they have come up with ‘Double Rank’. Let’s find how to get Double Rank Up in Valorant –

1. The scenario of Double Rank Up in Valorant

You are someone who has already played Valorant and has created a new account. So, your new account’s rank will be much less than that of your true account. Being someone who has already mastered the game, you will be very skillful in terms of gameplay, kills, and strategies.

The scenario of Double Rank Up in Valorant
Double Rank Up in Valorant

For example, your rank in this account is Silver 3; but because of being someone who already played the game, you will start to out-perform your pier teammates and your in-game enemies. You will basically out-perform them in a very significant manner. After a game or two, because of your performance, your hidden MMR (Match Making Rating system) goes up to some rank high like gold or platinum. And this is when you will be placed in the Silver 3 lobby with all players from high gold or platinum.

If you out-perform during this game and if you especially win this game, the game server will recognize that you can constantly keep up with the rank and will double reward you.

2. What if the performance during this D-game isn’t proper or up to the mark?

And if you don’t win or poorly perform during this game, the game is intended to give you a lot of MMR. Now, you are officially in ELO hell (Your ELO is a self-calculated number and there is no system in Valorant that tells players their ELO.), where you are playing against higher rank people but are a lower rank.  And even if you win future games, you won’t get that huge MMR boost. This happens only with fresh accounts.

Valorant Sensitivity Settings
Valorant | Source: Riot

I termed this game as ‘D-game’ just because it is something that decides your in-game future or fate.

As your MMR or ELO gets weighted over time, it gets harder to change it without significant or outstanding in-game performances. This is probably done on a fresh account or an account that hasn’t played many comps the past 2 acts. It depends on how they reset the ELO for each act.

3. How does ACS affect Double Rank Up in Valorant?

For example, consider a player who isn’t active for the past two (2) acts. Or might be smurfing enough, he could legitimately be placed in a low on an ALT account and is ranking it up. Although it isn’t fully public, it’s pretty clear Average Combat Score (ACS) is something that mostly dictates MMR. ACS on with how many rounds you win acting as a modifier to your ACS or vice versa. ACS does not equal high frags.

Uhhh Double Rank Up?? : r/VALORANT
Double Rank Up in Valorant

However, typically when people have a higher ACS, they are generally getting more kills because they are usually better at the game. How impactful you are in a round is something that mostly determines ACS. If you, for example, kill 5 enemies when all your teammates are still alive, you will get a lot higher ACS than if you let all your teammates die, plant, then get an ace.

This is all about Double Rank Up in Valorant.

4. About Valorant

Valorant is a free-to-play first-person hero shooter developed and published by Riot Games, for Microsoft Windows. First teased under the codename Project A in October 2019, the game began a closed beta period with limited access on April 7, 2020, followed by an official release on June 2, 2020.

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