How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?

Since the release of Far Cry 6, users have been showing their overwhelming love by playing the game. Ubisoft has brought significant upgrades to the Far Cry 6 franchise, which is an action-packed and open-world game. The users are also stuck on several missions in the game. One of the most popular questions on the minds of gamers is how they can get the small Amigo called Chorizo who was a major part of the game’s marketing. Here you will get the complete details regarding what Chorizo is, what its advantages are, requirements to get Chorizo, where you can find him, and how you can get Chorizo in Far Cry 6.

1. Who is Chorizo in Far Cry 6?

Chorizo is a little Dachshund dog walking in a wheelchair who is an Amigo. He was a major part of the game’s branding by Ubisoft. He is a partly paralyzed dog that uses a wheelchair and is an unlockable companion animal called Amigo. He can become your best companion and will help you solve your various missions. He cannot be used to attack the enemies, but he can distract the enemies very well and help you attack them.

2. Advantages of Chorizo in Far Cry 6

If you are an animal lover, then you will always feel delighted when Chorizo moves around you. It will always walk with you as a companion. He is a Stealth Amigo, which means he will not directly fight with Amigo, nor will he have any special attacking skills. It will help you by walking to the enemies and distracting them, which will allow you to attack them from behind or get away from the place secretly. Moreover, when Chorizo distracts an enemy, he will stand in such a position that the enemy will not be able to look directly at you. He can also perform the amigo abilities:

  • Bloodhound: He will tag nearby crafting resources.
  • Yes, You can: You will be able to gain health while Chorizo is eating.
  • Keen Senses: He will occasionally dig resources out of the ground.
How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Chorizo in Far Cry 6

3. Requirements for Finding Chorizo in Far Cry 6

This little dog will not be seen on the map and can be obtained at a lower rank also. If you do not go to the right place or spot him when you are at the right place, you will completely miss him. Firstly, to unlock Chorizo, you will have to complete the “Meet the Monteros quest” with the help of Philly Barzaga on Montero Farm. Once you have completed this mission, read below to find out where and how you can get Chorizo in Far Cry 6.

4. Where can you Find Chorizo in Far Cry 6?

You will first meet Chorizo in the mission “Meet the Monteros”, where he will be with his owner Philly Barzaga (who will help you to make contact with Monteros and meet him). Thereafter, you will be invited to the Montero farm, where Chorizo resides. As soon as you reach there, you will be able to see Chorizo with a purple arrow above his head indicating the mission which will include two simple quests: “Who’s a Good Boy?” and “Fetch Quest.”

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Montero Farm in Far Cry 6

5. How can you Get Chorizo as your Companion in Far Cry 6?

Once you reach the Montero Farm in Mogote Foothills of Costa Del Mar, you will find Chorizo near his dog house (if you have already completed “Meet the Monteros Quest”, otherwise you will only see an empty dog house). Thereafter, you will have to complete two quests in order to gain the loyalty of this cute dog. Firstly, you will have to complete “Who’s a Good Boy” by feeding Chorizo. Secondly, you will have to complete “Fetch Quest” by following Chorizo.

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Chorizo Dog House in Far Cry 6

6. How to complete “Who’s a Good Boy” Quest in Far Cry 6?

After reaching Chorizo’s doghouse, you will have to accept the “Who’s a Good Boy” quest. Then have a look at the information board where you will get to see the recipe for his favorite food. You will only have to collect crocodile meat to make Chorizo happy. Crocodile meat can be obtained from your inventory (if it is already present in it), otherwise, you will have to get out and hunt the crocodile to obtain it.

You can find crocodiles in a number of locations in the game: the Fernando valley, Sabiduria valley, or crocodile farm in Aguas Lindas at Cobre Shores. But if you want some more adventures, then you can get the mythical crocodile from the western half of Nublada National Park. But it is quite difficult to get, so you can hunt a simple crocodile also. The best place to hunt crocodiles, as per mission clues, is Cortina River in Costa del Mar.

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Collecting Crocodile Meat in Far Cry 6

In order to hunt the crocodile, you will need to aim the crocodiles with your headshots. If you shoot a crocodile directly over the body rather than the head, the crocodile will get damaged and you will get damaged meat only. Using the headshot will keep the crocodile fresh. Once you get the item and put it in inventory, go back to the farmhouse and put the food in Chorizo’s feeding bowl to complete the quest.

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Feeding Crocodile Meat to Chorizo

7. How to Complete “Fetch Quest” in Far Cry 6?

Once you complete the “Who’s a Good Boy” quest, you will get Chorizo as an Amigo. But to gain his loyalty, you will have to complete “Fetch Quest,” which is just a small tour of Montero Farm. It is one of the simplest quests. You will just have to follow Chorizo as it will give you a tour of Montero. Along the way, he will dig crocodile boxes for you from the ground and lead you to various buildings.

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?
Fetch Quest in Far Cry 6

You will receive many rewards on the way:

  • 1x Supremo Bond and 8 Durable Seals.
  • 1x Duck, Hutia, and Hare Meat
  • Mysterious Key
  • 1x Gun Powder
  • Gun Charm (it is Chorizo’s tag).

8. Conclusion

Congratulations!! Once you have completed the above two quests, you will get the small, partly paralyzed dog as your companion. You will also get the best way to distract your enemies and many more Amigo skills after upgrading Chorizo, which is stated above.

What do you think which advantage of Chorizo more helpful to you? Do tell us in your comments below!!

9. About Far Cry 6

Developed by Ubisoft Toronto and Published by Toronto, Far Cry 6 is an action-adventure first-person shooter game. The plot is set up on Yara, a fictional Caribbean island. You play as Dani Rojas, the protagonist and a guerilla fighter, to take down the dictator Antón Castillo and his son Diego.

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