How To Find Skull Locations in Halo Infinite

We need to tell you that Halo Infinite was chosen as the winner for “Best Player’s Voice” in The Game Awards. Moreover, you’ll need a thorough breakdown on where everything is in Halo Infinite’s enormous open-world map if you plan on jumping into the campaign when it launches on Xbox Game Pass. Exploring as Master Chief becomes more crucial than ever with chests, treasures, and hidden goals dispersed across the Zeta Halo Ring. Skulls are one of these collectibles in Halo Infinite that allows you to alter key parts of the game.

There are 12 Skulls in Halo Infinite, which are tough to locate. But, you can find them by your interesting gameplay modifications if you do. Now, you’ll learn how to collect every Skull in Halo Infinite and what each one does in this Skulls Locations Guide.

How To Get All the Skulls in Halo Infinite
Skull in Halo Infinite

All Skull Locations in Halo Infinite

Boom SkullMission 1-Banished Warship GbraakonDoubles explosion radiusBehold, the Temple of Boom.While locating the ship’s Bridge to deactivate the stasis beam, the Boom skull, may be found by ascending the second compartment elevator from the end of the corridor.
Cowbell SkullMission 2 – FoundationSpeed up recovery from explosionsBecause we needed more Cowbell.You’ll come to a box window once you witness visions of ghostly youngsters running around. The Skull is up in the rafters in the ceiling, and you can reach it by using Grappleshot.
IWHBYD SkullThe TowerRare combat conversation becomes more common.Did they really just say that?Use the grapple hook to climb to the top of the tower. Then, a memorial to Craig and the IWHBYD Skull sitting on a crimson chest can be found here.
Blind SkullIsland 1 – RecoveryCompletely invisible HUD and weaponGreat for shooting photos, bad for shooting enemies.A wide gap with two cliffs can be found in this Lockdown Region. Walk along the gap’s edge until you come across a metallic platform that reflects light beneath you, and here you’ll find the Skull.
Catch SkullIsland 2 – ExcavationAllow enemies to drop and throw more grenades.Hold these for us.To quickly traverse the northernmost island, you will need a flying vehicle. A cliff split with different attackers can be spotted. The Skull can be found near the stump of a tree.
Fog SkullIsland 2 – ExcavationDisables your motion tracker.They could be anywhere.You will find a cave incorporated within the hexagon structure west of FOB Alpha, along the ring’s edge. However, you’ll probably need to take a plane to go there.
Famine SkullIsland 4 – SequenceEnemies drop weapons with half the amount of ammo they would typically have.I’m out!Fly to the island’s east side by stealing a Banshee or summoning a Wasp at a FOB. Before you see it, you’ll hear this skull. Take a cautious step down the east side of the cliff toward the golden Elite. Remove the skull of the Famine from his grip.
Black Eye SkullIsland 4 – SequenceOnly recharge your shields when you’re fighting an enemy in melee.Better get punchy. Hidden behind the waterfall just southwest of the outpost, in the central portion of the Reformation area. The cave entrance with the skull is about halfway up the waterfall.
Thunderstorm SkullIsland 4 – Sequence Upgrade the rank of most enemies in the game.Promotions for everybody.The Skull may be located on the map between the Reformation and Graveyards zones. It’s placed atop the Forerunner column, which protrudes from the plot of ground.
Mythic SkullMission 11: The Command SpireEnemies have improved their health.Because it wasn’t hard enough.You can find the Skull in The Command Spire task, where the Forerunner light illuminates the columns as they turn and pass through. Head near to a door, by climbing up to a column and then up to the next platform on the ceiling.
Grunt Birthday Party SkullMission 12: RepositoryGrunt headshots will lead to one-of-a-kind celebrationsMaybe it’s the methane?After using the three Forerunner doors to activate the terminal in the Repository level. Look to your right for the one in the center and grapple over to it to get the Power Seed inside. Grapple to the door in the middle on the left after chucking the Power Seed over there. Place the power seed in the slot, then continue on through the level until you reach a vast room with a high-up opening.
Bandana SkullMission 15: Silent AuditoriumGrants unlimited weapon ammo, grenades, and removes equipment cooldown.We did say Infinite.Sentinels are in the first room. Continue until you reach an activation switch for two light bridges, but don’t kill them. The skull is in the next room after you cross both light bridges.

Hence, from the first to the last Skull, these are the locations you will need to find and obtain each Skull while completing the missions in Halo Infinite.

About Halo Infinite

The First-Person shooter multiplayer game for Windows produced by 343 Industries and released by Xbox Game Studios. The sixth installment in the Halo series continues the story of the Master Chief, following Halo 5: Guardians.

Halo Infinite Multiplayer is available for PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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