How to Get Azoth Staff in New World

The Azoth Staff in New World is a piece of essential equipment in the game, thus it is a requirement to forge it to go forward. The Corruption’s Bane lets you go through numerous expeditions along with closing rifts in the game. This guide gives you all the details on how to forge Azoth Staff in New World.

What is Azoth Staff in New World

The Azoth Staff (previously referred to as Corruption’s Bane) in New World is an emblem and an important tool of the anointed Soulwarden. It is one of the most prerequisite equipment in the New World. This equipment lets you go through numerous expeditions along with closing rifts in the game.

How to Get Azoth Staff in New World
Azoth Staff | Source: Fandom

The Azoth Staff lets you take part in Expeditions to close Corrupted Portals and Breaches. Once you attain Azoth Staff, you will be required to upgrade it for your progress in New World.

How to Forge Azoth Staff in New World

To obtain it, you will have to complete all the quests given by Yonas the Hermit. As you trudge along the west of Grenville, You can enter the Fisherman’s Bend, where you will find Yonas. He is located slightly to the west of Primrose, near the Hermit’s Shrine west of Windsward. By that time, you should be done with all the main quests up until around level 20.

Once you reach Yonas, You will have to complete the quests as you journey through Aeturnum. You will find yourself in many locations that include Windsward, First Light, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, and Brightwood. However, the quests would involve a lot of crafting, mob killing, and fetch questing. You will be close to your final quest after defeating the Level 20 Forge Master at the Amrine Temple. After that, Your final quest would involve going to the Shattered Obelisk to forge your Azoth Staff in New World.

How to Use Azoth Staff

Once you obtain the Corruption’s Bane, you will enter New World expeditions and complete Corrupted Portals and Breaches. Corrupted Portals and Breaches are random miscellaneous events that require a group of five players to complete due to their increased difficulty.

How to Get Azoth Staff in New World
Corrupted Portals | Source: Fandom

You may earn rewards like ingredients to craft Amrine Tuning Orbs, valuable and rare gear, and Azoth in achieving it. You can use Amrine Tuning Orbs to access the Amrine Excavation expedition. Azoth is a unique currency that can be used for faster traveling and resetting your weapon talents.

Know the Tiers of Azoth Staff in New World

5 Tiers in Azoth Staff enable gamers to take part in higher-level expeditions. Moreover, with each upgrade, you can seal higher-level Corruption Breaches. Each upgrade is tied to a quest that only becomes available at a certain level. Here are the following tiers that you should know.

  • Tier-1: Forge Your Azoth Staff quest (Level 20)
  • Tier-2: Covenant Commitment quest (Level 30)
  • Tier-3: The Alliance quest (Level 40)
  • Tier-4: Race for the Box quest (Level 50)
  • Tier-5: The Tempest’s Heart quest (Level 60)

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About New World

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