How to Fix No Route or Stuck in RTC Connecting Error in Discord on PC & Phone

Discord is invariably the most used communication application used by gamers on both PC and Phone alike. The app provides an easy medium for people to communicate with a large group of friends and indulge in an activity collectively. However, with time people face certain issues within the app that makes Discord unusable. One such issue is the RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord. In this blog, we’ll address this problem and help you fix the RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on PC & Phone.

RTC Connecting or No Route is a common error, especially in an unstable internet environment. This error disables the user to connect to voice in Discord. Thus, the user is deprived of any voice communication he wishes to make on this platform. Due to this error, whenever a user tries to connect to a voice, discord remains stuck on RTC connecting and later on displays the No Route error.

1. Why does RTC Connecting No Route Error Occurs in Discord?

RTC Connecting Error on Discord

Some of the reasons why you might be experiencing the error on your device are as follows:

  • Change in IP Address: The error might occur if any change in IP adress is detected on your computer.
  • Overprotective Firewall: Your antivirus or Firewall might be backlisting discord to make any outgoing connections with an outside server.
  • Using VPN without UDP: Discord only supports VPN connections with UDP ( User Datagram Protocol). Connections to server will be barred using VPN without UDP.
  • Network Admin blockage of Discord: Your Network admin of your office/school might have blocked your access to Discord on your their network.
  • Incompatible Server’s voice region: The error might also show up if you try to connect to server from far off places such as a different continent.
  • Non-Support of QoS on your network: Your network might be incapable to support the QoS feature used by Discord.

2. How to Fix RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on Your PC

Eager to hop onto voice and get talking? Well here are the steps you can follow to fix the RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on Your PC. Troubleshoot your PC orderly with the steps provided below to find out which way works best for you and fixes the error on your PC. Before starting, make sure you’re connected to a private network.

The steps to fix the RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on PC are as follows:

I. Restart Your Modem/Router and PC

Asus Router | Source: Asus

What’s the first thing we all do, when things tend to go the bad way? We Restart! Similarly, when No Route Error shows up on your Discord, restarting your Modem/Router and PC might just do the trick for you. The RTC Connecting usually shows up followed by the No Route error when the IPV6 connection gets disrupted by a Dynamic IP that keeps changing.

You can verify this is not the case by restarting your Modem/Router and PC. Moreover, a simple restart of Modem/Router is required. You don’t need to meddle with the network settings of your router. Simply unplug the power cable and plug it back in to restart your Router. Followed by the usual restart of your PC.

Once done, open Discord and connect to a channel to see if the problem still exists. If it does, go and try out the next method to fix the no route error below.

II. Uninstall or Whitelist Discord From Your AntiVirus Firewall Protection

Antivirus Firewall Protection

Facing the error after installing a brand new Antivirus Protection for your PC? Well, your Antivirus might be the culprit behind the problem. An overprotective firewall can block any connection made to an outside Server from your PC. We first suggest you go into your Firewall settings and whitelist Discord.

Most modern Antivirus firewall protection gives the permission to whitelist certain applications based on user needs. Check if the issue is resolved. However, if whitelisting doesn’t help you need to remove your antivirus protection completely. You can remove your Antivirus Protection from your PC by following these steps:

  1. Press Windows+R button to open Run Dialog box on your PC.
  2. Type “appwiz.cpl” in the dialog box and press Enter to open up Programs and Features.
  3. Right Click on the Antivirus Protection you wish to Uninstall.
  4. Click on Uninstall.

Check to see if the problem still persists, if it does, move on to the next method.

III. Remove VPN or Use a VPN Connection with UDP

If you’re using a VPN connection on your Desktop/PC it’s time to stop using one. Your VPN connection might hinder your computer’s connection to the outside server. The no route error shows up when you use discord on a VPN connection that is not configured to use UDP (User Datagram Protocol)

The problem occurs because discord is not compatible to use with VPN connections that don’t use UDP. You need to be in touch with your VPN support website and ask about UDP usage. Simply, check if VPN is causing problems by disabling it and then try to connect to discord.

If now you’re sure that your VPN is causing hindrance to your discord voice connection, you can stop its usage while using discord. Or if you still want to use a VPN connection change to a VPN provider service with UDP support. Move on to the next method, if this doesn’t help you fix the error.

IV. Check if Discord is blocked by Your Network Admin

Only facing this error in certain locations like Office or School? Well, there’s nothing wrong with your end then. Usage of communication apps like Discord might have been blocked on your Network by the Admin. There’s nothing you can do from your side unless you want to invite trouble.

If they want to block apps like Discord, why go against the authorities? There’s nothing specific you can do unless you have sources who can help you out getting access by the network admin.

V. Change your Server’s Voice Region

Changer Server Voice Region Discord

Does the error show up when you try to be in the voice channel with your friend who resides overseas? Then the issue is likely the discord server in which you’re trying to talk to your friend. The problem lies with the voice region that is not set according to yours.

You can get trouble connecting and get no route error in discord while connecting to a voice region different than yours. To rectify the problem you need to change the voice region of the channel you wish to join. If you don’t have the role to alter the changes, ask the server admin to do the same for you.

You can change your server’s voice region in discord, (given that you have the appropriate role for it) by following the steps down below:

  1. Go to the channel of which you wish to change the voice region settings.
  2. Click on Edit Channel.
  3. Under Overview, head over to Region Override drop down menu and select a voice region close to you.

VI. Disable QoS from Discord

Disable QoS from Discord

Many users have reported having solved the no route error from their computer by disabling QoS from the User settings. QoS (Quality of Service) is a High Packet Priority Quality of Service for Discord that lets Discord prioritize its own communication to the server over other apps present on your pc over the internet.

You can disable QoS from your Discord to save you from the trouble of getting no route error in Discord, and here’s how you do it:

  1. Launch Discord.
  2. Open user settings by clicking on the gear icon near your account present in bottom-left corner.
  3. Scroll Down and select Voice & Video, under App Settings.
  4. Further, Scroll down and make sure to disable the ‘Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority’, under Quality of Service section.
  5. Restart Discord to see if the no route error is now fixed.

VII. Reset Your IP

Open CMD to execute commands

Some users also suggested, the issue can also be fixed by resetting your IP configurations by using the command prompt. For that, all you need to do is enter some commands into your command prompt, which will reset your IP configuration without a hassle.

However, the outcome is not fixed. For some, the issue is permanently fixed after resetting their IP configurations, while others have to do it again each time the error pops up to get around talking.

You can reset the IP configurations of your computer by following the given steps below:

  1. Open run dialog box by pressing Windows Key+R on your PC.
  2. In the dialog box type ‘cmd’ and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter to open up an Elevated Command Prompt.
  3. Press ‘Yes’ if the windows asks “Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your computer”.
  4. In the Command Prompt type “ipconfig /release” and press Enter.
  5. Once the current IP configurations is shown, type “ipconfig /flushdns” and press Enter.
  6. At last, type “ipconfig /renew” to finally reset your PC’s IP configurations.
  7. Reboot your PC and check if the No Router error is gone from your PC.

However, if the error still shows up move on to the next method and check if that works.

VIII. Allow Discord through Windows Firewall

At last, your Windows firewall might be at fault here. If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you to fix the RTC Connecting or No Route error in Discord, then chances are your Windows firewall is causing problems. You can fix this issue by allowing discord through your Windows Firewall.

You can do so by following the steps given down below:

  1. Go to the Windows Search Bar present in bottom left.
  2. Search for “Windows Firewall” in the bar.
  3. Now go over to “Allow an app through Windows Firewall”.
  4. Press on the “Changed Settings” option present on top.
  5. Now click “Add another app” then click “Browse”.
  6. Now Find the Discord shortcut or go to its directory and select “Update.exe“.
  7. Make sure to check both “Private” and “Public”.

Restart your Router and Computer to check if the error is now fixed. Your error might have been gone by now by trying out the methods provided above. If the error still persists it’s possible that the route is blocked from your ISP’s side. Contact your ISP and ask him if there is anything wrong with the routing.

3. How to Fix RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on Your Phone

The RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in discord both on your PC and Phone are of the same origin but require different diagnoses. We still suggest you go through all the methods that work for PC, as some of them work for your phone too. These are the methods by which you can fix RTC Connecting or the No Route Error in Discord on your phone:

I. Restart Your Phone

Restart Your Phone

Before trying anything else out, try restarting your phone which might fix the issue for you. If something temporary on your phone is hindering the functioning of the communication application, restarting your phone will help fix the issue.

II. Make Sure Your Internet is Working Fine

Check Your Internet Connection

No Route Error on your phone might just be a network error on your side. Cross-check to see whether your Internet is working fine. You can put your phone into Airplane mode and turn that off later to re-establish the connection if you’re using the cellular network.

If the issue still persists, move on to the next method and check whether it works for you.

III. Restart Router, Check for Networking Issues Within Your Router.

If you’re on a wireless network, check issues within your router. You should try restarting your router that may fix any router-related issues that are hampering your connection to the server and leading to the RTC Connecting or No Route Error in Discord on your phone.

III. Change Your Server Region

Just like the PC counterpart fixes, the error might show up when you try to be in a voice channel with a friend who resides overseas. In this scenario, try changing the server region to the one that’s closest to you, given that you have a role that allows you to make such changes.

Given that you cannot alter the settings using the phone, do it by logging your id into pc, or asking someone else to do it. However, if you’re not in a role to make the required changes, ask your server admin to make the changes for you.

IV. Use VPN Connection with UDP

Check Your VPN for UDP

If you’re using discord using a VPN Connection, your VPN application might be at fault here. Discord only supports the usage of the application on VPN Connection with UDP (User Datagram Protocol). Check if your VPN connection has UDP Support.

However, if it doesn’t have UDP support try disabling the VPN connection while using discord. Moreover, if you’re bound to use VPN find one that uses UDP.

V. Check if Discord is blocked by Network Admin

Or maybe nothing at your end is wrong. Simply your access to discord is blocked by the Network Admin on the network you’re on. Check to see if you’re able to connect to the voice channel on any other network. If this is the case the discord might be blocked by your network admin.

Contact your network admin to check if he/she will be able to revoke discord access on your network for you.

VI. Turn Off Data Saver/ Low Data Mode on Your Phone

This method works for most of the users, and many of the users are now relieved from the no route error popping up on their phones. You can get rid of the error by turning off Data Saver on your phone if it’s on. The data saver might be hindering the connection of your phone to discord servers.

You can do so by going into the settings of your phone and under data usage turning off the option of data saver. The location of the setting varies from phone to phone, but you can always find the setting under the network usage setting in the phone.

VII. Update Your Discord Application

Keeping the application up to date all time goes long way in ensuring easy usage of in-app features and functionalities. Make sure you have your Discord application updated all the time. You can always update your Discord application by going into your app store. You can always choose to keep Discord in the auto-update feature list. Which will make sure your Discord application is automatically updated once a new update comes out, and you’re connected on a wireless connection.

VII. Sync Date& Time

Choose to set your Date&Time in sync automatically

Your phone can have connectivity issues in general with the servers when the date & time of the phone are not in-sync in real-time. Make sure you keep the date & time settings of your phone on auto-update. This would ensure the settings will automatically sync in real-time according to your time zone and will leave out the scope of any manual error.

VIII. Re-Install Discord Application

Re-install Discord Application

It is always safe to re-install an app if any problems start to come up within it. Try re-installing your Discord application once the no-route error shows up on your mobile. Moreover, before uninstalling and re-installing discord make sure to remove the app cache as well, which will make sure to remove all temporary files used by the app. This ensures a fresh install of Discord on your mobile device.

You can Re-Install the Discord application on your phone by following the steps down below:

  1. Open Settings on your Phone
  2. Go to Apps and Data
  3. Select Discord and click on clear cache
  4. Click on Clear all cache
  5. Uninstall Discord
  6. Re-Install Discord from your App Store

These were the methods that you can try out and see if the RTC Connecting No route error is now fixed on your phone. However, if not, do tell us in the comment section under what conditions you’re facing the error. We’ll help you in fixing the error for your Discord!

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