EBR Enforcer Guide | How to Find the EBR Enforcer in the Ascent

The Ascent is an Indie RPG game developed by Neon Giant, a group of developers who have worked on games like Far Cry 3, and DOOM. Furthermore, this game relies on survival, and for that, you need the best weapons, and we will tell you How to find the EBR Enforcer, one of the best machine guns in the game.


Machine Guns in The Ascent provide you with maximum movement as well as a big magazine size to slaughter a ton of enemies. EBR Enforcer is rather a unique one of that lot.

This gun shoots in three-round bursts while homing in addition to dealing energy damage that destroys machine opponents. This firing mode properly balances the demands of accurate aiming and rapid-fire shooting. Also, it has the second-highest damage of any machine gun in the entire game

The EBR has been used in numerous notable fights and is a standard rifle for various interplanetary drop infantry. It is preferred by CorpSec due to its homing bullets, energy-saving burst fire mode, and minimal maintenance needs.


1.Damage Per Shot32-42
2.Damage Per Second523
3.Damage TypeEnergy
4.Fire ModeBurst
5.Rounds per Second14.1
6.Clip Size45
7.Reload Time0.6

Undoubtedly, EBR Enforcer is one of the best weapons in The Ascent. With the highest damage per second among the guns that can be bought in this game, this also can be taken from enemies drops. Because of its homing missiles, cheap maintenance requirements, and low-energy burst firing capabilities, this gun is a must-have. There is 523 damage per second and 32–42 damage each shot. Additionally, It has a 45-round clip along with a 0.6-second reload time.

Additionally, you can upgrade the EBR Enforcer by visiting the gunsmith and providing him with the required materials. You can get the components by looting locations, buildings, chests, corpses, and the bodies of defeated enemies. You can also complete certain tasks and earn them.


EBR Enforcer | Source: The Ascent

You can find EBR Enforcer by going to the Weapon Vendors or from the drops from MG Operatives in The Edge.

The first method to find the EBR Enforcer is going to the Weapon Vendors. Moreover, the weapon vendor will take 18,500 UCREDs in exchange for the EBR Enforcer. 

If it’s not accessible, it will become accessible as the story unfolds. However, You’ll have to complete the Main Mission Trace Protocol. The merchant’s inventory will get upgraded as soon as you complete the mission and EBR Enforcer will be available.

The second method to get the EBR Enforcer is to go to The Edge. Then, you can get it from drops from MG Operatives after beating them.

IV. Conclusion:

Surely, getting the EBR Enforcer will be very good for you in The Ascent. As Fighting an evil corporation that practically owns you in a cyberpunk world is not an easy job. However, the EBR Enforcer can make that easier.

Finally, we hope after reading this article you now know how to find EBR Enforcer in The Ascent.

V. About The Ascent:

The Ascent is an action role-playing video game with a cyberpunk theme created by the Swedish indie gaming studio Neon Giant. It was released in July 2021 for Microsoft Windows, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One. Created by a 12-person team utilizing Unreal Engine 4, it marks Neon Giant’s debut in the field. Upon its release, the game earned favorable reviews from critics, who praised its graphics, combat, animation, and sound design but criticized it for its emphasis on grinding, and technical problems.

The game is set in an arcology (architecture+ecology) in the dystopian future world of Veles, which is ruled by “The Ascent Group,” a huge megacorporation. Players take on the role of a worker who is also owned by the firm.

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