How to Get Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

Katanas are among the best weapons in Elden Ring, and there is a surprisingly large selection of these Japanese swords to pick from when exploring the Lands Between. The Nagakiba Katana is one of the most fascinating weapons in Elden Ring. Although it is significantly longer than the ordinary Katana, hence it is better suited to a more defensive playstyle.

Here’s all you need to know about Nagakiba Katana, including where to find it in Elden Ring.

What is Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

Nagakiba is an Elden Ring Katana. The Nagakiba scales largely with Strength and Dexterity and is an excellent weapon for providing an additional blood loss effect in addition to the original Physical Damage.

What is Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring
Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

Things You Need to About Nagakiba Katana

  • Weapon Skill: Unsheathe
    • When gained, this weapon comes with the Piercing Fang Ash of War skill, which may be deleted to return to its default skill.
  • This weapon can be infused with Ashes of War.
  • You can upgrade Nagakiba by using Smithing Stones
  • Nagakiba is ideal for dual wielding on the right hand because of its roll-catch range in PvP.
  • This weapon has a unique thrusting R2 that takes advantage of its range.
  • Causes Blood loss Buildup:  45
  • Sell Value: 100

Where to Find Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring

Where to Find Nagakiba Katana in Elden Ring
Location of Nagakiba in Elden Ring

There are 2 ways to find Nagakiba in Elden Ring:

  • By defeating Bloody Finger Hunter Yura to the north of Murkwater Cave or in his camp near Seaside Ruins Site of Grace.
  • You may also earn it by completing Bloody Finger Hunter Yura’s questline at the Second Church of Marika, which also grants you Eleonora’s Poleblade and Purifying Crystal Tear.

Well, If the player advances his questline too far without executing Eleonora (to the point when his body is stolen by Shabriri), the Nagakiba can be located in one of the previous places where Yura was seen:

  1. In Yura’s camp to the north-east of the Seaside Ruins Site of Grace.
  2. Beneath the Murkwater Coast Site of Grace.
  3. On the edge of the bridge near the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace.

However, if you kill him in the Zamor Ruins site of grace, you can collect the Ronin Armor set from him, and the weapon can be found in his usual location just north of Murkwater Cave, or south of the Dragon Burnt Ruins under the shattered structure.

Best wishes for obtaining the Nagakiba in Elden Ring! Hopefully, using this Katana will help you take down all of the enemies in your way!

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