Vitaath in Diablo Immortal: Where to find & defeat her

Defeating a powerful enemy is the primary goal in Diablo Immortal and this time it is Vitaath. This seemingly invincible boss is every player’s target and you must know the correct technique to take on her.

We will tell you how to find Vitaath in Diablo Immortal and defeat her.

1. Who is Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?

Vitaath is a strong and brutal monster who is the second Helliquary boss. Helliquary is a monthly event in Diablo Immortal where you can participate with eight other players.

Who is Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?
Vitaath in Diablo Immortal

You can participate in Helliquary and reach the endgame to fight Vitaath. Defeating her brings several rewards for the victorious.

2. Where to find Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?

To defeat Vitaath you must first find her. You must go to the Frozen Tundra, which is near Bitter Harth Waypoint, east of Caven of Echoes. There you will see a gate and you can start the raid from this point.

Where to find Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?
Vitaath and her location

Before starting, check your combat rating and ensure that it is more than 2280. If it is lower than this number then it will be hard to defeat Vitaath.

3. How to kill Vitaath in Diablo Immortal?

Before fighting Vitaath you must defeat her Ice Clan Impalers, Warriors, and Shaman. You must fight them together without leaving anyone behind.

After defeating them, the real fight with Vitaath will start which is a four-phase brawl.

I. Phase 1

How to defeat Vitaath in Diablo Immortal
Fighting against Vitaath

In this phase, Vitaath keeps moving around a small area and attacking your team at random intervals. She has four abilities and you must be careful of them.

Ability 1: Icicle Zone

In this ability, four ice zones will be created in the arena. Stay outside these zones to prevent any damage.

Ability 2: Frontal Cone

Vitaath will use her icy sword to perform a swinging attack. You must avoid the effective zone to deal damage.

Ability 3: Frontal Line

The icicles will summon before her and they will damage your team when hit. You must avoid the telegraphed zone to deal with the damage.

Ability 4: Ice Debuff

Any one player on your team will be affected by the ice debuff and receive damage. You must stay away from the debuffed player.

You can attack Vitaath from long distance by fighting ranged characters. This will cause less damage.

II. Phase 2

How to defeat Vitaath in Diablo Immortal
Vitaath using Chilling Construct

In this phase, Vitaath will rise in the air. Then, she will summon Icy Clones, Chilling Construct and Frozen Shade. You must take out all her summons first.

After this she will return to the ground and use her four abilities. So you must use the same strategy in this phase as well.

III. Phase 3

This phase is tougher as Vitaath uses her special attacks like the Point Blank AoE Pulse. This will help her throw ice in every direction.

How to defeat Vitaath
Trying to defeat Vitaath

Vitaath will also summon Frozen Shades by shattering the Icicles left from Phase 2. You must survive in this phase and take out all her summons.

IV. Phase 4

This phase is similar to Phase 2 but Vitaath will not levitate. She will continue her attacks and summon minions.

Repeat your previous strategy. Attack the minions first and after defeating them, take on Vitaath. She will be defeated soon.

4. What are the rewards for defeating Vitaath?

You can get several rewards if you defeat Vitaath in Diablo Immortal. You can achieve some rare items, legendary drops and experience. Moreover, your stats will boost permanently in the game.

5. About Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a multiplayer, role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was launched on June 2, 2022. The game is available on several platforms like Android, iOS and Microsoft Windows.

In this new version of the game the Worldstone lies shattered, yet great power remains within its corrupted fragments. Diablo’s minions hope to bring about the return of the Lord of Terror. The Archangel Tyrael is presumed dead, and mankind is left to deal with the aftermath of his actions. The evil forces want to control all of humanity and it is time to come to its rescue.

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