How To Find All Iwakura Clan Members in Genshin Impact

In the world of Genshin Impact, you must have encountered several Samurai minibosses throughout the Inazuma nation. Furthermore, most of you are unaware that the minibosses are the final survivors of the renowned Iwakura clan in Genshin Impact. To proceed in the game, you have to execute all the members of the Iwakura clan. So, let’s move ahead to find and defeat them.

Who is Iwakura Clan in Genshin Impact

The Iwakura Clan is a group of martial artists in Inazuma, and it was created five hundred years ago by Iwakura Doukei. They are known for using martial arts techniques, also known as Tengu Sweeper. Currently, there is a total of 5 Iwakura clan members scattered over the Inazuma nation. Furthermore, you’ll get the opportunity of facing off against the Iwakura clan leader.

Now let’s discuss the location of Iwakura Clan members to defeat them and get exciting rewards.

Find All Iwakura Clan Members in Genshin Impact

To get the high-value chests, you have to find the location of each Iwakura Clan member and defeat them. Moreover, after defeating each of them, you will unlock the special achievement in Genshin Impact.

I. Iwakura Clan Member 1 Location

Okazaki Kunihiko and his location in Genshin Impact
Okazaki Kunihiko and his location

Let’s start with the first member of the clan Okazaki Kunihiko, who is at large rock north of the Byakko Plain waypoint. However, you must have taken him down before while you are on the way to complete your world quests in Inazuma nation. So, move to the next member.

II. Iwakura Clan Member 2 Location

While moving ahead in the game to execute Katayama Tatsumi, the second member of the Iwakura clan. You need to teleport yourself to the Serpent’s Head waypoint. Now, you can find him on top of the cliff located east of the Maguu Kenki boss.

Katayama Tatsumi and his location
Katayama Tatsumi and his location

III. Iwakura Clan Member 3 Location

Next, you have to teleport yourself to the Fort Mumei waypoint, where you’ll meet Shimada Shichirouji, the third member of the Iwakura Clan. Although, you have to defeat him to move further in the game.

Find All Iwakura Clan Members
Shimada Shichirouji and his location

IV. Iwakura Clan Member 4 Location

You can find Mifune Satoshi, the fourth member of the Iwakura clan, in the large room next to the underwater waypoint in the Araumi dungeon. Also, he is one of the Iwakura Art disciples and an instructor in the Iwakura Clan. However, you need to get access to this location. So, you have to complete a series of puzzles to unlock the teleporter.

Find All Iwakura Clan Members
Mifune Satoshi and his location

V. Iwakura Clan Member 5 Location

Tanba Tetsuo and his location
Tanba Tetsuo and his location

Now, you need to teleport to find Tanba Tetsuo, one of the instructors in the Iwakura Clan. You can find him in the southern Tatarasuna waypoint. From the waypoint, glide towards the west. Then, you’ll see a large hole in the ground that they can descend into. Eventually, Tanba Tetsuo is inside that cave after descending into the hole. Go inside and defeat him that will help you in unlocking a high-level chest.

VI. Iwakura Clan Leader Location

Eventually, you must have defeated all other 5 members of the Iwakura Clan. Now, you have to execute Iwakura Kouzou, leader of the Iwakura Clan, located northeast of the Kujou Encampment waypoint. To get further exciting rewards, you have to defeat him.

Find All Iwakura Clan Members in Genshin Impact
Iwakura Kouzou and His Location


To conclude, find Okazaki Kunihiko at Byakko Plain, Katayama Tatsumi at Serpent’s Head, Shimada Shichirouji at Fort Mumei, Mifune Satoshi at Araumi dungeon, and Tanba Tetsuo at southern Tatarasuna defeating all Iwakura Clan members, including their leader, Iwakura Kouzou at Kujou Encampment, you must return to the first Iwakura clan member location in the Byakko Plain.

At this place, you’ll see a luxurious chest along with 2 samurai guards. Those 2 samurai guards are also members of the Iwakura Clan and guarding the luxurious chest. Defeat the samurai and insert their swords into the nearby grave to unlock the final luxurious chest. Moreover, you are also able to unlock Iwakura Out, the special achievement.

About Genshin Impact

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The main plot follows a twin, Traveler, who travels worldwide searching for his lost twin sibling and becomes involved in Teyvat’s nations and gods. Meanwhile, move ahead on the way to complete quests and collect the rewards.

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