How to Defeat Master Smith McCoy & Complete Blacksmith Betrayer Quest in New World

As you progress through the New World, you’ll be solving world tasks, fighting enemies, and leveling up your experience. Eventually, you’ll have to pick a quest from the ranger Shui Tijong in Brightwood. The quest includes eliminating Master Smith McCoy and retrieving some weapon designs in New World.

Here, we’ll help you out in completing the Blacksmith Betrayer Quest in New World.

I. What is Blacksmith Betrayer Quest in New World?

Defeat Master Smith McCoy in New World
Blacksmith Betrayer quest given by Shui Tijong

It is the quest given by Shui Tijong at the west of the Brightwatch settlement in Brightwood. As per the conversation between you and Shui, you’ll have to complete the following tasks to complete the Blacksmith Betrayer quest in New World.

  • Sabotage Master Smith McCoy’s Operation at Corlew’s Mine
  • Reclaim McCoy’s Weapon Designs from wooden crates in Corlew’s Mine
  • Destroy Master Smith McCoy to disrupt the Corrupted’s weapon supply

II. Destroy Master Smith McCoy’s Operation at Corlew’s Mine

Master Smith McCoy is running the Corlew mining operation in Brightwood. Now, you’ll have to destroy his Corlew’s Mine to stop his operations further. After crushing the Corlew mining operation, you need to head to find McCoy’s weapons designs in Corlew’s Mine.

III. Where To Find All Of The Weapon Designs In Corlew Mine

Well, you’ll find all the weapon designs in wooden crates called “supply stockpiles”/”alchemy crates” at Corlew’s Mine. Due to their dull hue and tendency to blend in with similar-looking things, the crates might be challenging to identify.

1. Find Weapon Design #1

You can easily find the first Weapon design in a supply stockpile just to the right of the main entrance into the mine. The crate is placed under a frayed red banner.

Where To Find All Of The Weapon Designs In Corlew Mine
Weapon Design in a Supply Stockpile

2. Find Weapon Design #2

Now, move uphill through the main gate until you see a tiny wooden crane and some scaffolding on the right overlooking a ledge. Furthermore, you’ll need to loot for the second weapon design. Therefore there will be a supply stockpile near some well-placed stone blocks.

3. Find Weapon Design #3

Search the opposite side of the main path from where you found the second weapon design for large stone cubes and wooden tracks; once you’ve reached a point where you can move more freely, head west to see a small stack of massive stone cubes ornamented with scaffolding. The third weapon design in another supply stockpile will be at the top of this preliminary framework.

4. Find Weapon Design #4

Where To Find All Of The Weapon Designs In Corlew Mine
Weapon Design in Alchemy Stockpile

Although this one is in an alchemy crate rather than a supply stockpile, the containers are nearly identical in appearance. Return to the main path and go upward until you reach a wooden bridge. Now you will discover the alchemy box containing the fourth weapon design as you ascend the wooden ramp leading to the bridge.

Note: Beware!! Master Smith McCoy is camped out on this bridge, but it’s not the right time to battle him.

5. Find Weapon Design #5

You need to run past Master Smith McCoy to the other side of the bridge, then climb the scaffolding. Here, you’ll find another alchemy crate carrying the fifth weapon design.

6. Find Weapon Design #6

Where To Find All Of The Weapon Designs In Corlew Mine
Weapon Design in Provisional Crate

Now, you will find a provision’s box containing the sixth weapon design very close to the bridge occupied by Master Smith McCoy on a stretch of flat terrain that appears to be a cooking spot for enemies.

7. Find Weapon Design #7

However, you should be able to find an alchemy crate directly adjacent to the provision’s crate, which contained the sixth weapon design. The seventh and final weapon design that players must recover for this mission will be found in this second container.

IV. How To Eliminate Master Smith McCoy in New World

After looting all the weapon designs, you’ll have to find Master Smith McCoy and kill him to complete Blacksmith Betrayer in New World.

1. Find Master Smith McCoy in Corlew’s Mine

The betraying blacksmith, Master Smith McCoy, is still on the wooden bridge containing the fourth weapon design. So just come back here to face this traitor. However, you should be careful; Master Smith McCoy isn’t going to give up and let you kill him. Moreover, you should be approximately level 35 before trying to take down the treacherous smith.

2. Avoid Master Smith McCoy’s Allies

Being a coward, McCoy will not immediately challenge you in a one-on-one duel. However, some of his henchmen, such as Rustheart Archers and other bipedal enemies, will be present on the wooden bridge he is inhabiting. To simplify the struggle, eliminate any minor dangers.

Also, be aware of the Molten Entities that appear on the bridge as small orbs of fire, as they may explode if struck. Therefore, it’s best to use ranged attacks rather than smacking them with a melee weapon.

3. Defeat Master Smith McCoy in New World

Master Smith McCoy will be pretty slow due to wielding a great hammer. But he hits heavily; therefore, dodges his attacks rather than stopping them unless you have a very resilient shield. Despite this, McCoy’s poor attack speed, avoiding his assaults is potentially easier.

Defeat Master Smith McCoy in New World
Defeating Master Smith McCoy

The blacksmith has a powerful jumping attack but he lacks genuine ranged attacks, thus you can easily dodge his attack if you play carefully. Flying like a butterfly will let you take less damage, but also sting like a bee after each of McCoy’s slow assaults to defeat him quickly and effectively.

Finally, you have defeated Master Smith McCoy and completed the Blacksmith Betrayer quest to get rewards in New World.

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