Quickly Make a Bouncy House in Minecraft

A bouncy house is a creative and easy add-on to a Minecraft map. They are easier to build and jump around. You cannot go wrong with its build. It is easy for anyone to feature a bouncy castle on their map. The easiest build in Minecraft is the bouncy house that the player of any level could be able to do. The first thing a player should come around to is the number of stacks of slime blocks with an innovative idea of what their building would look like. They can make it more innovative and interesting by adding on with special kinds of themes and by adding jumps.

Building a Bouncy House

Building a bouncy house yourself is really easy task to do. It is damn basic and is actually quite fun! Let’s get into an imagination of what a horror-themed bouncy castle would look like. You can drop from the plank into the bounce pit and reach heights by jumping which will make you feel like you got wings.

How to Easily Make a Bouncy House in Minecraft
Building a Bouncy House

Steps to Build a Bouncy House

You can build a bouncy house by these simple ten steps:

  • You can choose the width and depth of the structure and outline the perimeter with your blocks of choice.
  • Now dig a shallow pit in the area inside the outline of your structure which should be at least one block deep.
  • Fill in the pits with slime blocks and the players can add a base of glowstones or shroomlights so as to have a night source of light
  • Now return to the outline of the structure that is the perimeter and build walls which should be minimum five blocks high.
  • Build the walls of four to five blocks height on other side except the entrance of the bouncy house which must be kept open.
  • To give a real world impact add on some iron bars by replacing new portion of wall which would make the bouncy house feel like its not tatting around
  • Construct the roof.
  • Now to add a night light source add on some glowstones or shroomlights to the ceiling.
  • Construct a set of stairs leading up to the entrance, and build a small platform for players to hop off of.
  • Finally, build another set of stairs leading outside the house.

For a simple design like mine built in Amusement Park, you can start with building the basic square building. You can use wool blocks but use any blocks you like. Avoid using snow or ice blocks so that the structure doesn’t meltdown on adding sources of light. You can use different colors flags as well as wool blocks to give an attractive colorful look.

How to Easily Make a Bouncy House in Minecraft
Bouncy House Minecraft

About Minecraft

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no set goals to achieve, giving players a great deal of freedom in how they play the game.  However, an achievement system is referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation adaptations. Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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