Complete Guide on Truth and Consequences Quest in New World

As you’re exploring the open New World to its fullest, you’ll have too many quests to complete in the game. There is a Truth and Consequences quest in New World, which consists of numerous steps, and while some of them are straightforward to accomplish, this is not true for all of them.

However, you may get lost while completing the quest, and also some apparent bugs lead you to confusion. So, we’ve brought a guide to help those who have run into trouble while attempting to complete the task.

I. Collect Captain’s Orders from Cannonstorm Pirates in New World

First, you need to collect Captain’s Orders from Cannonstorm Pirates to complete Truth and Consequences Quest in New World. Perhaps, it is the most straightforward step in the quest.

Complete Guide on Truth and Consequences Quest in New World
Collecting Captain’s Orders from Cannonstorm Pirates

Now, you need to head to Coffman’s Redoubt, northeast from the quest giver and kill all pirates with your favorite weapon in New World. These pirates can drop the Captain’s Orders mentioned in the quest step, and you should be able to obtain all eight in no time.

II. Search for The Rigger’s Plea Journal Entry in New World

Complete Guide on Truth and Consequences Quest in New World
The Rigger’s Plea

You must now find the journal entry titled “The Rigger’s Plea,” which may also be found in Coffman’s Redoubt. Journal entry should probably be placed on a table on the second floor of the building at the quest waypoint. Moreover, the journal entry glows bright blue, which is easy for you to see.

III. Travel to Letum’s Pick and Search for Evidence of Foul Play in New World

After reading the journal, you’ll have to travel to Letum’s Pick and search for evidence of foul play in New World. A set of bloody footsteps on the road just east of Northfork serves as evidence. This is where things start to get a little confusing.

Complete Guide on Truth and Consequences Quest in New World
Following Footprints

Some of you may discover that their quest waypoint is not pointing to the correct destination. Don’t worry; we’ll help you out with this also.

IV. Follow the Footprints on the Southern Road in New World

However, after examining the first piece of evidence, you need to proceed south on the road, interacting with each set of footprints you come across. The quest goal will eventually update, and you will find the end of the footprint trail. After following footprints, you’ll reach Sleepy Tallow, situated just northeast of Rattlevine Ridge. Moreover, you should interact with the last footprint and return to Sylvia Oakes to complete Truth and Consequences Quest in New World.

Moreover, you’ll get 1480 XP, 94.5 Gold, 250 Territory Standing & 20 Azoth as a reward for accomplishing the Truth and Consequences Quest in New World. You also get New World Coins after completing this quest. New World coins let you purchase items such as weapons, armor, potions, food, and houses. In the New World, gold buying is offered by many genuine websites, that save you all the hassle to collect New World Coins in the game.

V. About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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