How to Download Songs on iPhone From the Internet

Apple surely provides the most secure and clean user interface, but it also lacks certain key features from its products. One such feature is downloading the music for free. You can download songs only on Apple Music and that too by subscribing for $9.99 per month in the United States. Many of you may believe that there is no way to get free music on an iPhone or iPad. However, this is no longer the case anymore. You can download songs on your iOS devices easily without even subscribing to Apple Music anymore. Downloading songs for free can take some time but it is worth the while. Here are the easy three methods by which you can download songs on your iPhone from the internet for free.

How to Download Songs Offline in iPhone?

Downloading songs offline for free on iPhone will not be a big deal anymore. Here are the three ways on how to download Songs on iPhone:

I. Songs from the internet
II. Using Laptop/PC from iTunes
III. Using Free Music Player Apps

Here are the complete steps you can follow to download:

I. How to Download songs in iPhone from internet?

If you are searching for a method to download music even without using iTunes then this method is the best. You can download songs on your iPhone for free using the Documents-File manager application by Readdle. This method is old but is still effective. Here are the steps you can follow to download songs on your iPhone from the internet:

  1. Open App Store
  2. Download and open Documents by Readdle
  3. Click on Explore button present at the bottom right or Slide left
  4. Enter the website Url from which you want to download songs
  5. After downloading go back to the “My Files” Section and Click on Download Folder

That’s it, now you can enjoy music even offline by following these simple steps.

II. How to Download songs on iPhone from Laptop/PC using iTunes

The second method is using iTunes. You can transfer music from your PC or Mac to your iPhone using iTunes. Apple did not make this method simply because this is not how they want you to complete the task. They simply want you to purchase from iTunes and then sync your iPhone with it. But this method lets you add music from your computer to iPhone, iPad or iPod for free. You can follow these steps to download songs on your iPhone,iPad, or iPod from your PC/Laptop using iTunes:

  1. If you are a Mac user you can directly open iTunes
    Or else, if you have a computer you can download it from Microsoft Store.
  2. Plug your iPhone to the computer using iPhone USB cable
  3. Drag all the music you want to transfer from computer to the iTunes Song section
  4. Click on the phone icon present in the top after you successfully connect your iPhone to computer
  5. Scroll Down and find the “Options” Setting and enable “Manually manage music and videos”
  6. Click on “Music” present in the left sidebar
  7. Check the “Sync music (Your device name)” option
  8. Drag songs from Songs Folder into Devices

There you go, all the songs you select will be transferred to your iPhone. Furthermore, if you want to have your entire music library synced, you can go into the Music Section and then check the “Entire Music Library” under the Sync Music section.

III. Using Free Music Apps for iPhone

The next way is through downloading music apps from the App store. There are plenty of applications you can get in the App store which will help you download music offline for free. Here are our top 3 best picks from the App store that you can use to enjoy “free music offline on iPhone or iPad“.

i. AudioMack

This is the best offline music player app for iPhone. The UI is clean and user-friendly and you can search for songs very easily. Moreover, this application has only a few ads, unlike the others. The only negative point is that it only has a limited number of songs. The app is handy and you can enjoy music offline using this app.

ii. Trebel

This free music player app is available for both Android and iOS devices. There are lots of options in this app and the best part is it allows you to create your own list of all the offline songs and you can add more to this whenever you want. Moreover, you can download an entire playlist in this app and listen to it offline.

iii. Music Offline

The best part about this app is that it allows you to import your music files from your dropbox or google drive or one drive accounts to listen to music offline. You also get many trending songs to download from and can also search for the one you want.

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