How to Download files from using a Link Generator provides file management, resource sharing, client software, cloud storage, and third-party integration. Files can automatically sync on other client terminals that are connected to the internet besides being created on one client terminal. The following guide will tell you how to download pan baidu files at full speed, without any restrictions. 


  • Any browser.
  • Motrix or Internet Download Manager.
  • For Android, use ADM or Aria2

Download Link Generator Websites

Here are a few websites that will instantly produce direct download links from, both free and paid. To download the files from, you can use the internet download manager or motrix.

1. (Password:请勿分享密码)

2. (password – nanmu)

3. (now paid)

How to Use Link Generator Websites from to Download Files.

1. Download and install Internet Download Manager or Motrix on your computer.

2. Next, copy the sharing link from any website that generates links.

3. In the “paste enter the share link” box put the share link and the site password and if the link is secured, then copy-paste the password in the “share link password” box. 

4. To generate the download link, click submit.

5. Next, click the file, select “Continue,” and finally select “YES.”

6. A notice of success will appear. To begin the download, select “Send to aria2(Motrix),” then put the URL “ws:/localhost:16800/jsonrpc” into the RPC address box.

7. To alter the user agent for Internet Download Manager, go to Options -> Downloads -> User-Agent for manually added downloads -> After pasting the user agent LogStatistic, click “OK.”

8. Next, copy the download link from the Download Link page (you must first set your UA), put it in the Add Url part of IDM, and then you can begin the download.

Above were the steps and pre-requisites you can use to download files, without any restriction.

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