How to get and install the Chaos Mod in GTA V

Are you interested in modding? Hardly, there would be someone who doesn’t know about modding in the world of Grand Theft Auto. However, GTA has the largest and the most active video game modding community in the world. Recently, Chaos Mod in GTA 5 has been so popular among their users, the mod throws players into a random effect after every 30 seconds or one minute.

With this mod, things are getting difficult as it increases randomness exponentially, also this mod is updated regularly with new effects and features. Moreover, it has 290 random effects like gravity-altering, weather changing, etc., that it can trigger.

Now you must know that how to download and install the Chaos Mod V in GTA 5.

How to download the Chaos Mod in GTA 5?

Chaos Mod V is open-source and licensed with GPLv3. Also, it comes with a simple configuration tool that allows users to play freely.

We need to discuss installing or updating the Chaos Mod with both Vanilla and FiveM versions of GTA 5.

How to download Chaos Mod in GTA 5
Chaos Mod V

For Vanilla:

  • First, players need to download and install ScriptHookV before installing Chaos Mod V.
  • Drag the ChaosMod.asi and the chaosmod folder into the GTA 5 main directory.

Note: Do not extract the content.

For FiveM:

  • Drag ChaosMod.asi into the plugins folder inside the FiveM/FiveM Application Data folder.

Note: Create the plugins folder if it doesn’t exist.

  • Then, the chaosmod folder must be moved into the main GTA 5 directory as usual.

Points to Remember

  • There are few mods like trainers or visual mods which are not comfortable with some effects. So, while facing any problem, you have to try disabling all other mods before reporting them back!
  • You can run the settings in chaosmod/ChaosModVConfig.exe to configure the mod to your satisfaction!
  • Make careful to check the configuration utility from time to time to see if an update is available!
  • Warning!: Some effects are restricted to disable for users who have tinnitus or other hearing issues.

Those users should have disabled the following effects:

  1. Bubble Vision
  2. Deep Fried
  3. High Pitch
How to download Chaos Mod in GTA 5
Chaos Mod V in GTA V

Finally, you knew the way to download and install the Chaos Mod V in GTA 5. Moreover, please let us know about your experience with this mod by commenting down below.

About GTA V

Grand Theft Auto V is a single-player open-world game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in 2013. The story revolves around three protagonists, namely Michael, Franklin, and Trevor, and their attempts to commit heists within the fictional state of San Andreas. The Game is playable both in the First Person and Third Person perspective. GTA V is available on PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 5, and, Xbox Series X/S.

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