Everything You Need To Know About Woodworking

Amazon Game’s latest New World is still in its beta version, and you have to explore it to the fullest. Well, cutting down trees in modern games is starting to innovate the area. And, damn sure! You are enjoying Amazon’s New World and possibly have to do a lot of Woodworking to craft your desired items.

However, assembling goods is not quite as easy as just crafting raw wood into finished products. Also, you need to refine specific kinds of wood from other harvested components. The Woodworking skill symbolizes this important midway phase, and leveling it up will allow you to craft higher tiers of refined wood.

The best method to plan out your forestry activities is to figure out what kind of wood you’ll need and how to get it.

List of Woods in New World

  • Timber
  • Lumber
  • Ironwood Planks
  • Wyrdwood Planks
  • Glittering Ebony

Woodworking in New World

Woodworking is the refinement of raw wood obtained through the Logging skill into Wood Materials, which can subsequently be used in a variety of Crafting applications such as making Weapons and Furniture. Also, melting raw ore into metal ingots and other items is part of the woodworking process.

Woodworking takes place in a Woodshop, which you can found in most Settlements. Moreover, you can improve the Tier level of a woodshop by completing Town Projects.

1. How To Craft Timber in New World

Timber is one of the most basic refinable wood, and you need a lot of Timber early in your adventures. You can discover the Green-Wood used in their construction among the many young trees that dot the landscape in low-lying locations.

How To Do Woodworking in New World

You must have Tier 1 Woodshop or higher Crafting Timber, also need 4 Green Wood to craft in New World.

2. How To Craft Lumber in New World

It is the main component that you must gather Aged Wood from Mature Trees. These are less frequent than Young Trees, but they are plentiful enough for prospective woodworkers who do not have any problems.

How To Do Woodworking in New World

You must have Tier 2 Woodshop or higher, and your Woodworking skill must be level 50 or higher in New World. Also, you need 4 Aged Wood and 2 Timber as a recipe for Crafting Lumber.

3. How To Craft Wyrdwood Planks in New World

You have to gather raw Wyrdwood from relatively rare Wyrdwood Trees, and then, you have to combine this raw resource with Lumber at a Woodshop to create the refined product known as Wyrdwood Planks.

How To Do Woodworking in New World
Wyrdwood Planks

Well, you must have Woodworking skills of 100 or higher to use a Tier 3 Woodshop. Also, you need 4 Wyrdwood & 2 Lumber to craft Wyrwood Planks in New World.

4. How To Craft Ironwood Planks in New World

Ironwood is known as the wood made up of Iron or vice versa. You have to chop down hard Ironwood Trees to get the Ironwood needed to make these Tier 5 planks.

How To Do Woodworking in New World
Ironwood Planks

You should have Tier 4 Woodshop or higher along with the Woodworking skill of level 150 or higher. Moreover, you need 4 Ironwood and 2 Wyrdwood Planks to make Ironwood Planks.

5. How To Craft Glittering Ebony in New World

Glittering Ebony, like Ironwood Planks, is a Tier 5 refined resource. Still, it will be considerably more difficult to obtain because it requires high-tier components and random drop resources. Furthermore, you need to cut down a ton of Barbvine and Wildwood, a rare loot from Ironwood Trees.

However, you should have Woodworking skills of level 200 or higher to use a Tier 4 Woodshop. Also, you must have 4 Ironwood Planks, 2 Wildwood, 1 Barbvine & 1 Obsidian Sandpaper to make Glittering Ebony.

Finally, you got the idea of doing Woodworking in the New World. Furthermore, we’ll share more guides with you. Happy Gaming!

About New World

New World is an Open World MMO game launched by Amazon Games. The game’s location is set upon Aeternum, a mysterious island discovered during the twilight of the Age of Exploration. You can channel supernatural forces or wield deadly weapons in a classless, real-time combat system. It can be played alone, with a small team, or in massed armies for PvE and PvP battles. New World is exclusive to the PC platform.

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