Quincy in V Rising – Finding & Defeating him

Being a survival game, it is a mandatory thing for players to defeat a multiple number of bosses and in-game enemies to continue their survival. One such trending survival game is V Rising and Quincy is one such boss in V Rising. Let’s find out where you can find Quincy in V Rising?  How can you defeat Quincy in V Rising? And what are the rewards for defeating him? To all of this, continue reading –

1. Who is Quincy?

Quincey the Bandit King is the king of the bandits in the game. Quincy, the Bandit King, is a Level 37 V Blood Boss in V Rising.

2. Where can you Find Quincy in V Rising?

You can find Quincy at the Bandit Stronghold the north of the Forgotten Cemetery in the Farben Woods area. The Bandit Stronghold is a sizeable and heavily guarded landmark in V Rising.

How to Defeat Quincy the Bandit King in V Rising
Quincy Location in V Rising

To enter this area, you need to break through its fortified front grates. Basic attacks and abilities do not affect the barricade of Bandit Stronghold’s entrance; hence, you must acquire supernatural strength or wield the explosive power of Sulphur to go pass through this entrance. Passing through the gate isn’t a difficult task.

Another way to enter the Bandit Stronghold is by acquiring Bear Form in V Rising; a Vampire Power unlocked by defeating the Ferocious Bear. You can find the creature in the Bear Cave in the far western portion of Farben Woods.

The final alternative is by using Minor Explosive Box, a Recipe acquired by slaying Clive the Firestarter, another V Blood Boss located in the Bandit Sulphur Quarry. The Bandit Sulphur Quarry is located opposite the Bear Cave in Farben Woods.

3. How to Defeat Quincy the Bandit King in V Rising?

Beating Quincy, the Bandit King is not a simple task. The kind comes with a lot of health to deplete, and its AI is very aggressive. This makes killing the boss a much more difficult job.

Once you have entered the place, follow the stairs until you find a group of enemies whom you should be taking out along the way. It’s better to reach the base before the nightfall, as the arena he fights has literally no light. Thereby, making the battle much more difficult. Once you reach Quincy, you will find two minions alongside him. These minions are easy to kill; you can kill them with AOE skills. Killing them, in the beginning, to avoid distraction while facing the boss.

How to Defeat Quincy the Bandit King in V Rising
Defeating Quincy in V Rising

There are a few attacks of Quincy that you should be aware of –

  • An Earthquake Slam
  • A Charge
  • Mirror Shield
  • An Enrage Skill

When you have depleted enough of Quincey’s health, he attacks in streaks. These streaks usually involve 3 consecutive hits. During these hits, if you manage to directly at the wall, the boss will be left stunned for a few seconds. This duration is the perfect time to land your attacks and defeat him. You can use this time to gain your advantage and perform a combo on the King or heal yourself up.

You will be able to defeat Quincy using a merciless sword.

4. What Are the Rewards for Defeating Him?

Defeating Quincy in V Rising will unlock the Smithy and Tailoring Bench for one’s Vampire Castle; you will also receive Recipes for the Iron Ingot, Iron Weapons, Hollowfang Battlegear, and two new Vampire Powers: Merciless Charge and Chaos Barrier.

5. About V Rising

A Vampire survival game; in which you should be hunting down animals, humanoid enemies, and human enemies to feed on their blood and continue your survival. The game is available on the console too. The initial release date of V Rising is 17th May 2022.

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