How to kill all Hacketts in The Quarry

In the Quarry, you can choose the people who will be surviving the night of horror. By deciding it means that you can save those who want to and kill the rest.  Among all the characters that survive in the Quarry, the Hackett Family is enigmatic. They are the ones who own the camp and appear to have sinister motives. As it is pretty much possible to kill an entire family, and as you will get an achievement or a trophy as a reward for killing so; many prefer to kill the Hackett family. Let’s find out how to defeat Hackett Family in The Quarry –

How many members does the Hackett Family have in The Quarry?

The Hackett Family consists of a total of seven (7) members; namely –

  1. Kaylee
  2. Constance
  3. Jedediah
  4. Chris
  5. Bobby
  6. Travis, and
  7. Caleb

How to defeat Hackett Family in The Quarry?

There are different methods to kill each one of this family. Let’s discuss the ways to kill each one of them individually:

#1: Kaylee

In Chapter 5, Laura will automatically shoot Kaylee regardless of the choices made. So, it’s mandatory for all players to take Kaylee down to progress through the chapter. This particular Hackett death is the easiest to accomplish in The Quarry. You can kill Kaylee and progress to the other members.

#2: Constance

How to defeat Hackett Family in The Quarry?
Constance Hackett

Constance will be attacking Laura in a very dark scene. This happens during the ninth (9) chapter. If successful, Laura will shoot Constance in the head, killing her outright. Players must ensure that they win their quick-time events to overcome Constance.

#3: Jedediah

How to defeat Hackett Family in The Quarry?
Jedediah Hackett | Source: Fandom

Once Constance has been taken down, players will be met with a choice to Jedediah and succeed in the quick-time event that follows. Doing everything perfectly will lead to Jedediah being strangled to death.

#4: Chris, Bobby, and Travis

You can kill all these three one after the other in Quarry. Once Ryan is stabbed, you will either have to pull it out or stab Bobby with it when you encounter him later in the game. You can see Chris attacking the defenseless Bobby in his werewolf form.

How to let the Hacketts survive in The Quarry
Bobby, Travis & Chris

Players have to then control Ryan and shoot Chris. If you failed in the quick-time event in Chapter 7, when Laura wrests the gun from Travis, he’d have already been dead. But in case, if you succeed, Travis will stab Laura and approach Ryan, offering Ryan to shoot Laura. You can elect to not shoot him down; so that he can join Ryan and Laura further. You can still kill Travis if you don’t want to shoot Silas down towards the game’s end.

#5: Caleb

There are two methods, one can kill Caleb. These methods depend on whether you let Travis join alongside Ryan and Laura or not.

How to defeat Hackett Family in The Quarry?
Caleb | Source: Fandom

Method 1:

If you don’t want to team up with Travis must grab the silver bullets from the storm shelter in Chapter 9 while playing as Abi and Emma. When Kaitlyn flees Caleb in Chapter 10, she’ll find her way to Abi and Emma for help. You can find Kaitlyn’s silver projectile under the door. Pick it up and shoot Caleb, who will kill him.

Method 2:

In Chapter 1 of The Quarry, Abi, helps Emma get into the locked cabin. Once inside, head left to find a stuffed rabbit. In Chapter 10, when controlling Kaitlyn, have her hide instead of heading to Abi and Emma. As she runs into the kitchen, chooses to head to the freezer. Select to use the decoy, and Caleb will charge in after it. Now, when Silas is shot, the werewolf curse will be broken, and Caleb will die inside the freezer from the cold temperature.

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About the Quarry

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The plot revolves around nine teenage counselors who are thrown into an unexpected night of horror. The only thing worse than the blood-soaked villagers and animals seeking them is the horrible decisions you must make to help them live.

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