How to Defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West is a survival role-playing game in which players have to encounter various machines to continue their survival in the game. There is n number of machines that you can come across while going around the map. Players should be ready with weapons and completely aware of the strengths, weaknesses, and methods to defeat each and every machine. Today lets know about how to Defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West and everything about Corruptor –

What is a Corruptor?

The Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West is not one of the contemporary machines, but it is one of three machines of the ancient Chariot Class. Corruptors are also part of the prequel – Horizon Zero Dawn. It is believed that Corruptors were buried under the ground at the end of the Old World. They came into existence in the New World because of being reactivated by HADES. The majority percentage of Corruptors still remain buried under the ground. The HADES reactivated only a minute percent.

 Defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West

Like Tremortusk, the Corruptors also belong to the Combat, Midweight type of monsters. They are agile, deadly war machines from the Old World. It can fire powerful attacks and utilizes its talon-like tail against enemies at close range. It has no overrides and ‘Berserk’ is a Corruptor’s strength.

The Corruptors are part of the Arena Challenge, in the 2nd Set of the ‘Legendary’ Tier Challenges. This is not missable and hence, it is repeatable. In the world, the Corruptors don’t have a particular location and they can also spawn during Main Quest 13: Faro’s Tomb.

Unlike Sunwing, Corruptors have no variants. A Corruptor appears is similar to that of a large, black scorpion. When you scan with focus, like all other Chariot Class machines, you can find red outlines on the Corruptors too.

Corruptors are extremely fast and nimble. They are capable of using their electronic warfare ability to control other machines and make them fight alongside them.

Most Effective Way to Defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West:

A Corruptor is one of the strongest machines in the game and it is very hard for one to defeat a Corruptor. Many of you might have already tried and failed. There is a quote that says – “Victory belongs to those who will never stop fighting”. So, let me tell you my victorious secret which will help you in defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West –

Firstly, Get Yourself Aware of Corruptors Weakness

A Corruptor has a significant weakness to weapons using the elemental attack of Fire. Corruptors are particularly vulnerable to weapons that utilize fire and are prone to overheating. This is because of being buried underground for centuries. On overheating, a corruptor exposes a cooling rod. Shooting this cooling rod will inflict significant damage to the Corruptor. The part which is exposed to overheating is called the ‘HEAT CORE’.  You can easily identify the exposed part as it is highlighted in yellow.

Let’s now see how overheating will result in defeating Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West –

Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West
Defeat Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West

Initially attack the Corruptor’s Granade Launcher and Spike Launcher. Attacking and destroying these components will disable its ability to attack using grenades and ranged spikes. Both these components have the same weakness, which is the elemental attack of TEAR.

Then attack the Corruptor’s Body which is sensitive or whose weakness is FIRE. The Body will be protecting the machine’s muscles and operating system. Hence, destroying the body will overheat the Corruptor and also makes it a bit weaker.

This is when the Corruptor exposes its Heat Core. The Heat Core is the weakest component of all because it takes impactful damage from all the elemental attacks like Fire, Shock, Tear, and rest.

Loot players can get on Defeating Corruptor in Horizon Forbidden West:

You will receive a few good loot items on defeating a corruptor. The loot items are:

  • Metal Shards
  • Metalburn
  • Medium Machine Core
  • Luminous Braiding
  • Corruptor Lens
  • Corruptor Heart.

Both Corruptor Heart and Corruptor Lens are exclusive drop items will a player can obtain by defeating a Corruptor.

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