How to create a Discord Stage Channel on your Server!

Discord has been originally the go-to solution of in-game comms for gamers since a long time. But now, Discord has been serving as a great medium of interaction for various communities. Discord comes up with regular updates to enhance the overall user experience. It recently added the feature of Discord Stage Channel.

You would already be familiar with voice channels that typically let anyone in them talk freely. Meanwhile, Stage Channel is designed so that only a select certain people talk at once to a group of listeners. This would prove beneficial to those who plan to organize events like community town halls or AMAs.

Steps to create Stage Channel on Discord

  1. Have an appropriate Role in the server
  2. Enable Community from server settings
  3. Go to create channel 
  4. Select Stage Channel in channel type
  5. Name the Stage Channel
  6. Add Stage Moderators
  7. Go to Stage Channel you created
  8. Choose a Stage Topic
  9. Click on “Open the Stage”
  10. You can now use Stage Channel on Discord

1. Have Appropriate Role

In order to create Discord Stage Channel go to your server. You have to have access to the settings on the server. So you have to be either the owner of a server or a moderator who can make these changes.

2. Enable Community

In order to create Stage Channel on Discord you’re server should first be a community server. If it’s not, go to server settings go under community and click on enable community and then setup your community settings. Now you should be able to create a stage channel

Enable Community
Enable community through server settings

3. Create channel

Go to where your channels are listed, right click there and then click on create channel. It gives you a choice of channels that you can create.

create channel
Create Channel

4. Select stage channel

Among other voice channels such as voice and announcement channels, click on stage channel

Select discord stage channel
Among various channels select Stage Channel

5. Name the Stage Channel

Just like you name other voice channels, give a name to the Stage channel that you wish to create. The discord stage channel will be visible to people by the name you gave.

Select appropriate name for the channel | In my case Events

6. Add Stage Moderators

The Stage moderators are completely different than discord moderators for your server. They are speakers who can add or remove other speakers into the stage. Assign moderators accordingly, as they are important when it comes to managing your discord stage channel. Server owners are moderators by default.

Select admin for discord stage channel
Add members you want to act as mods

7. Go to Stage Channel

Go to the stage channel that you just created. It would appear with a name that you’ve chosen for it. You can join a stage channel by clicking into it, just like you would in a voice channel.

8. Choose a Stage Topic

Unlike a voice channel, you actually have to have a stage topic. So you need to give a topic or a debate as to what you’re gonna be talking about.

Name the topic on discord stage channel
Set the topic name for what you want to host Stage channel.

9. Click on “Open the Stage”

Once you’ve decided the topic click on “Open the Stage” and that will allow you to use stage channel for your chosen topic.

10. Stage Channel Created

You can now start using your discord stage channel.

 discord stage channel
The members allowed by the admin to speak comes up to stage to do so.

About Discord

Originally built for gamers discord is a group-chatting platform that has since become a general use platform for many kinds of communities. Discord consists of various servers, with each having its own topics, members, and channels. Discord allows its members to use voice and video chat and live stream their games and other programs as well. It is playing a pivotal role for any type of community to help build in.

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