Amethyst Tree: How to Craft it in Minecraft

Minecraft is a sandbox video game in which players explore a blocky, procedurally generated 3D world with virtually infinite terrain, and may discover and extract raw materials, craft tools, and items, and build structures, earthworks, and simple machines. One such structure which many players love to craft is the ‘Amethyst Tree.’ Let us know more about the Amethyst Tree in Minecraft and how to make or craft the Amethyst Tree?

What are Amethyst Tree in Minecraft and much more about the tree parts?

The Amethyst Tree is a tree added by the Calculator. It does not spawn naturally, instead, Amethyst Saplings can be crafted with a Scientific Calculator. It is a type of Wisteria Tree.

Amethyst Trees grow like vanilla Oaks, but with their own leaves and logs instead. Unlike other leaves, Amethyst Leaves do not decay when the tree’s logs are removed, and will not drop new saplings. In addition, small “fruits” will grow over time on the leaves. Those can be right-clicked with a Hunger Module or harvested automatically using a Stone Assimilator, yielding 1 Hunger Point each.

What are Amethyst Tree in Minecraft and much more about the tree parts?

Amethyst Wood can be made into Amethyst Planks, which can then be made into stairs or fences. They can also be turned into Amethyst Saplings using a Scientific Calculator, or processed in a Stone Separator into Oak Wood and Amethysts. Amethyst Leaves can be processed in a similar way into Oak Leaves and Amethyst Shards.

How to craft the Amethyst Tree in Minecraft?

This tree uses stripped jungle wood, jungle stairs, jungle fences, amethyst blocks, amethyst crystals of all sizes. Other things which the tree uses are glow lichen, purple concrete powder, purple and magenta glass, and some end rods.

How to craft the Amethyst Tree in Minecraft?

Procedure to create an Amethyst Tree

Start with the trunk. Use stairs for the roots

Build until you reach the height of your choice and start building the branches. Spread your branches as outward as possible for a better look at the tree. Try to create different shapes so that the tree looks natural and organic

Place the blocks underneath the trunk just to give it more roundedness

Use the fences to create the framework of your tree. Fences being solid blocks, help in creating tiny air pockets which help in giving the tree a more outward push. Not just that but the fences help in making the tree appear fluffy

How to craft the Amethyst Tree in Minecraft?

Start shaping your fence gates from the central fence block. Gates are basically rounded or stretched-out patterns. This helps in giving the perfect and complete framework to the tree

Now, start placing the crystal blocks over the completed framework. Start this from the very top and then go down to the bottom. Make sure that you leave spaces here and there until you have a rough shape of the tree-filled in

Then place the crystal blocks in the center to cover the branches from being exposed and later start placing the sideways blocks, covering the fences up further. Fill the sideways blocks as much bushy as you want the tree to be

Filling and Hanging the left out spaces:

Now start filling the earlier left out spaces

Once the basic shape is attained, start laying the purple concrete powder. Ensure that there is always a supporting structure underneath your concrete powder because it will fall down onto the ground. You can even replace a few of your blocks with concrete powder. But don’t run in strips cause that would make the tree appear as if a zebra

Use concrete powder of different colors according to your choice. Don’t overuse it

Cover up the branches and bottoms to give it that extra bit of fluffiness and naturality

Start hanging down the glass plates. Put a layer of dark purple glass and then place a layer of magenta glass.

After placing layers of glasses, hang down the end rods to give a nice little dangle

How to craft the Amethyst Tree in Minecraft?

Now start placing the buds on the tree. Place them on the underside and use different sizes of buds



Open Minecraft and start crafting your own Amethyst Tree. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colors of concrete powders and even different shapes because a few wonders are the results of experiments.

Happy Gaming!

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