Complete Guide on The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training in Genshin Impact

Everyone must have downloaded the new Genshin Impact version 2.1. Now, you are at the Servant’s Path Archon Quest, where you need to complete the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training in Genshin Impact. However, completing the quest’s step can be fairly difficult. Many of you are indeed facing difficulties while completing the quest.

Now, we’ll help you out in completing the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training for the Servant’s Path Archon Quest.

How To Complete The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training

The quest brings you back to the storyline where you will meet Sangonomiya Kokomi in Watatsumi Island and unlock the area. After meeting the resistance leader, you will see Yae Miko confronting Scaramouche in a dungeon.

Well, you’ll get one of the tasks from Yae Miko that leads you to a field for “Anti-Raiden Shogun Training.” However, you can consider this quest difficult even for veteran players.

Completing Anti-Raiden Shogun Training

After reaching Narukami Island, you need to start the training at the arena by activating the device. The device includes four methods of attack, which you should be aware of to complete the Anti-Raiden Shogun training.

Complete The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training
Activating the Device

Firstly, the device sets up a circle near itself and starts hitting by thunder to anyone inside the circle. You need to stay as closer as you can to the edge of the circle. Also, don’t get near the Shogun and don’t try to hit it.

Similarly, the second circle will construct around you and keep hitting you by the thunder. You need to keep dodging the thunder attacks. Moreover, after half a second, you’ll get the Electro damage.

Now, you’ll eventually get a lightning strike from the device. Usually, it will send lightning three times in a row. Furthermore, get ready for the last attack. You’ll be triggered after the countdown is almost over. You should run around the device and dodge its attacks. This skill will create three Electrocatalysts that will simultaneously attack you in that area.

Complete The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training
Dodging Electrocatalysts

After accomplishing the first phase, you need to report back to the Yae Miko. Then, Miko will suggest you not be hit by the Musou no Hitotachi during this part of the training. To complete the mission, you must maintain dodging assaults for the specified amount of time before finally destroying the orb.

After completing the second phase, you need to return to Yae Miko, and she’ll ask you to come to Grand Narukami Shrine, where they have another guest waiting for them.


To conclude you need to interact with Yae Miko, and she’ll give a task to figure out Shogun’s moves in advance and develop a counter-strategy. You have to face the device made from her own memory that can produce the Raiden Shogun’s combat moves. However, you need to dodge these attacks to move towards the completion of the task.

Well, after completing the first phase, she’ll assign the next phase to dodge the attacks of Musou no Hitotachi for the given period of time. A number of orbs will appear. To avoid being attacked by the device’s final action, players must destroy one of these orbs rapidly, and swift damage is essential. Pyro characters are excellent choices for destroying these orbs. Finally, you have accomplished your Anti-Raiden Shogun Training to complete Servant’s Path Archon Quest in Genshin Impact.

Complete The Anti-Raiden Shogun Training
Return to Yae Miko

Hopefully, you learned a lot from this guide. Please let us know about the next guide on Genshin Impact by commenting below.

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