How to Complete Dance for 3 Seconds Sgt Winters Workshop Challenge in Fortnite

With the festive season on, Fortnite is regularly adding new challenges during the Fortnite Winterfest 2021. The latest addition to the list of challenges is to dance in Crackshot’s Cabin and Sgt Winters Workshop for a minimum of three seconds in Fortnite.

Locating these places can be cumbersome. Therefore, here’s the complete guide for you on how to complete the Winterfest challenge by dancing for three seconds at both Sgt Winters Workshop & Crackshot’s Cabin in Fornite. On completion, these Winterfest 2021 challenges grant you additional XP along with free login rewards every day, weapons, and more.

How to Dance for Three Seconds & Find Sgt Winters Workshop in Fortnite to Complete the Winterfest Challenge

It’s been quite sometime now since we all have been noticing Sgt. Winter in Fortnite. Well if he’s caught your attention it’s time for you to find his tech abode. You need to find his workshop and dance for three seconds as part of the challenge.

Sgt Winters Workshop can be found to the west of Logjam Lumberyard at the northwestern part of the map in Fortnite. Simply speaking keep moving forward to the west of the lumberyard and follow the road. After a while, you will finally to the workshop location.

Once you’ve reached the Sgt Winters Workshop in Fortnite the next step is to dance for three seconds. You can perform any dance emote from the emote wheel to complete the first part of the challenge. Moreover, the appearance of the shop from the inside is a sharp contrast to what it appears from the outside.

The workshop is alike any other gas station present in Fortnite from the inside. However, in view of the Winterfest 2021 event Epic games has transformed the normal-looking gas station into Sgt Winters Workshop using various Christmas decorations.

Where to Find & Locate Crackshots Cabin to Dance for Three Seconds In Fortnite

To find Sgt Winters Workshop and dance there for three seconds is only the first part of the challenge that you’ve completed. The other part of the challenge requires you to locate Crackshots Cabin and dance there for three seconds to finally complete the challenge in Fortnite.

Crackshots Cabin in Fortnite is the first building located to the south of Logjam Lumberyard’s small lake. Once you’ve located the cabin you need to dance there for three seconds. Once done, you have finally completed this challenge and you will be rewarded with 18,000XP.

Keep looking forward to many more challenges coming your way during the Winterfest 2021 event in Fortnite. Stay tuned! As we cover them for you.

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