How to Collect Honey from Beehive in Minecraft

Players who love to farm and explore new things in Minecraft would love to know how can one collect and farm honey. Minecraft introduced honey in the game with Minecraft version 1.5. With this update, they introduced Bees in the game, which will play the main part in farming honey.

In this article, we’re gonna talk about how you can collect honey, how to make a beehive, where can you find bees, what can you use honey in-game for, and more.

To collect Honey in Minecraft, you first need to make a beehive in your garden by luring the wild bees into your garden. After that by using camfire you can collect honey in Minecraft.

1. Where and How can you Find Bees in Minecraft?

How to Collect Honey from Beehive in Minecraft
Bees in Minecraft

If you’re looking for bees in Minecraft, it is very easy to find them as they’re very common in a variety of biomes in-game. You can easily spot bees near:

  • Plains
  • Sunflower plains
  • Flower forest
  • Forest
  • Wooded hills
  • Birch forest
  • Tall birch forest
  • Birch forest hills
  • Tall birch hills

They spawn near these places, but if you try to hit the bee or harvest honey from their beehive they attack and poison you with their stingers. Once the bee stings you, they eventually die after that. So you need to first make a beehive in your garden to hervest the honey.

To lure a wild bee into your garden, you need to have a flower in your hand and go towards them. Once they see the flower in your hand, they will start to follow you. This will help you with making your beehive for your garden.

Lure Bee in Your Garden

2. How to Make a Beehive in Minecraft to Harvest Honey?

To make a beehive in Minecraft to harvest honey, you can easily make it from the crafting table. You need two things to craft a beehive:

  • 6x any Wood Planks
  • 3x Honeycombs
How to Collect Honey from Beehive in Minecraft
Beehive in Minecraft

Once you have the required items, go to the crafting table and place 3x wood planks in the top row and 3x wood planks in the bottom row, after you’ve placed these planks you need to place the 3x honeycombs in the middle row.

This is how you can make a Beehive in Minecraft to harvest Honey.

3. How to Collect Honey from Beehive in Minecraft?

Once you’ve crafted a Beehive from the crafting table, it’s time to collect honey from them. Let’s take a look at the steps of how you can collect honey from a Beehive:

Step #1

Once you’ve crafted the beehive, craft a campfire with 3x Sticks, 1x Coal or Charcoal and 3x Logs or Wood. Arrange them like:

  • 1st row: 1x Stick in the middle box
  • 2nd row: 1x Stick in the first box, 1x Charcoal or Coal in the middle box, and 1x Stick in the third box.
  • 3rd row: 3x Wood or Logs in all three boxes

Place this campfire below the Beehive to clam down the bees.

Place Campfire Below the Beehive

Step #2

Once you’ve placed the Campfire, you need to wait for the beehive to be full with Honey. You’ll be able to know when the beehive is full, when golden pixels appear on one side of the block.

Step #3

Once the Beehive is full of honey, use an empty glass bottle on the beehive by right-clicking on the hive. After you do this, you’ve successfully harvested honey from the Beehive.

4. Benefits of Honey and Honeycombs in Minecraft

Honey and Honeycombs can be used for many things in Minecraft:

  • You can drink honey to restore three units of your hunger or neutralize the poison effects.
  • You can use the honeycombs to craft a beehive.
  • You can craft sugar from honey, by placing one bottle of it in the crafting grid.
  • You can make a block out of honey too. You need to place four bottles of honey in the crafting grid to make a honey block. These Honey blocks will slow down anyone or anything that touches them.

5. About Minecraft

Mojang Studios developed Minecraft. Minecraft is a 3D sandbox game with no set goals to achieve, giving players a great deal of freedom in how they play the game.  However, an achievement system is referred to as “advancements” in the Java Edition and “trophies” in the PlayStation adaptations. Minecraft is available now for Mobile, PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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