How to defeat Porky Puff in Biomutant

After knocking down Jumbo Puff in Biomutant, you also have to defeat other bosses to save the “Tree of Life.” Moving forward, you’ll meet another world eater Porky Puff in Biomutant. However, you can’t defeat Porky Puff without Googlide, so first, go to Goop and get it.

1. How to defeat Porky Puff in Biomutant

Porky puff is the three-headed monster and one of the world eaters in Biomutant absorbing the “Tree of Life” energy. This is the second boss you’ll defeat after collecting the Gumquacks for Gulp and returning to Goop. Here’s how to beat Porky Puff in Biomutant and save the world from the plague.

I. Location of Porky Puff in Biomutant

The location of Porky Puff place has already been updated on your map. Before executing the second boss, you must have collected the Googlide from Goop in Biomutant because the fight will take place in water.

defeat Boss Porky Puff in Biomutant
Porky Puff Place

While moving ahead on your way, you’ll reach the Surfipelago region, which is the location of Porky Puff Place in Biomutant. Here, you will see an arena covered by the water and a three-headed monster sitting on top of the large tree root. Go down from the root to the arena to take a fight against Porky Puff in Biomutant.

The fight against Porky Puff will end into two phases in Biomutant.

II. First Phase

Initially, observe the arena and floating mines that are strewn about. Now, Porky Puff will stomp on the water and form small tidal waves to attack you. Then, using Googlide, keep dodging his attacks, giving fatigue damage to his weak point, i.e., his legs. Googlide helps you in avoiding small tidal waves formed by the boss in Biomutant.

defeat Boss Porky Puff in Biomutant
Dodging Porky Puff’s Attacks
  • Note: You’ll notice that Porky Puff doesn’t have health bar yet for a while.

Drive up to a floating mine and push the appropriate button to attach it to your Googlide. Then, as the Porky Puff jumps into the air, drive the Googlide below him. The bomb will detach automatically, and you may explode it remotely by pressing the trigger button.

  • Note: This maneuver is dangerous since it assures that the bomb detaches near Porky Puff.

This attack might reveal the three-headed monster’s health bar for a while. Then, you find an opening while the boss is unconscious, fire continuously towards each leg, and deals damage as much as you can.

Now, he’ll go under the water and try to attack you. Dodge the attacks and launch gumquacks to divert him. Its health bar will vanish after a few moments, and you’ll have to start over. Your goal is to shoot each of his weak points to make him torpid. So, repeat this process until his health bar reaches the halfway point and deals damage on his legs.

III. Second Phase

Finally, you bring Porky puff on the land where you’ll get some advantages. Still, he can form shockwaves on the ground to beat you. Therefore, avoid those waves using double jump and maintain a safe distance from Porky Puff.

He will throw large rocks at you, usually in pairs, to kill you. Avoid taking a lot of damage and dodge these attacks as fast as you can, else he will take you down.

Well, continue to strafe around Porky Puff and dodge his strikes while shooting ranged weapons or abilities at it. After taking damage, one of its enormous paws will smackdown on the earth. Take this advantage to get close to its paw and either fire it or deliver melee damage.

World Eater
Fight against Porky Puff

Keep repeating the process until his health bar is depleted and deal enough damage to beat him. Surely, Porky puff does not have a chance to stand against you while you’re continuously firing, and finally, Porky Puff is now defeated in Biomutant.

After a brief sequence, you’ll be returned to your Tribe’s Sifu. To finish this primary plot task, speak with Goop, and give Goop a place aboard the Ark if you so choose.

2. Conclusion

It is quite simple to kill Second Boss Porky Puff in Biomutant. To beat another world eater Porky Puff, you need Googlide because the fight is based on water in Biomutant. You must continually move around to avoid Porky puff’s assaults, keep out of his grasp, and keep firing continuously to destroy each leg.

defeat Boss Porky Puff in Biomutant
End of World Eater

We hope this guide helped you in defeating Porky Puff in Biomutant. Please let us know your experience by commenting down below.

3. About Biomutant

Developed by Experiment 101 and published by THQ Nordic, Biomutant is a single-player, open-world, action role-playing game. The game is playable in a third-person perspective as a mammalian warrior in a world filled with mutated animals. Biomutant has in-game abilities to use, and the combat system includes melee attacks along with long-range shooting. The game is available on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Microsoft Windows.

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